Rain Rain Go Away

Come again in the fall or winter please. I am tired of the phone showing this when I view the weather.


Been a not too busy week but busy enough to keep it moving. Last Sunday we had our friend Geoff over for pool time an Pizza on the Grill. His husband Mike was supposed to come too but he had been sick the last week so he stayed home.

Monday came round like it usually does and that meant the fun of the work week began anew. Work has been work, nothing exciting going on. though now that June has come and gone, it’s mid year review time. I LOATHE review time at work. To have to sit there and sum what I’ve done for the last 6 months just bores me. The whole self assessment part of the review process is ridiculous since it doesn’t matter what I say anyway. I will work on that this week since it will be so damn quiet due to the holiday on Thursday.

Wednesday Night was our first parade in 2 weeks. And of course per the title of this post it rained. Well I guess I should clarify, it started raining after we got there before the parade, then continued raining while I walked to the start. It rained some more while we waited. Then it picked up and rained when we started. It stopped about halfway through the parade but at that point we were already wet.

Here is some video the hubby took of us as we marched by.

Saturday we did our usual, visit to Mom to have coffee and catch up, and then our errands. We took the opportunity to go to the new Whole Foods that opened, we figured we would wait a month for the crowds to die down. Since it was lunch time we decided to also finally go check out the new Chipotle that opened at the mall. Below if the Burrito bowl I ordered with Carnitas. It was yummy! My only thing is they could have melted the cheese a bit but I guess that’s not what they do.


After lunch we headed out for our errands and saw this Wackadoo on the side of the road, then a few more signs planted in the ground spouting some religious craziness. So naturally I tweeted a picture of this. Below the picture are some of the captions I received as replies.

20130630-155924.jpgThe wages of no sin is being bored to death.

The Intern of Sin is a better career!

I find myself most bothered by the grammatical error

After taxes it’s really just a run down feeling…

Saturday afternoon I started playing my newest game for the PS3 LEGO Lord of the Rings. I love the LEGO games, my favorite so far I think being Harry Potter years 1-4 though the Star Wars ones were fun too. I’ve beaten HP 1-4 and have finished the story mode of years 5-7. Since I finally got the LOTR version I figured why not try that out. It was fun and I look forward to playing it some more.

Sunday has been a low key day, no Pride Festivities for us. NYC Pride is crazy on a normal year, I can only imagine the craziness this year what with SCOTUS gutting DOMA by finding section 3 unconstitutional, and overturning Prop 8. Instead I did my normal chores as we waited for the delivery men to drop off our new Leather Sofa. Isn’t he pretty?

20130630-155933.jpgWell that about sums the week up. This week we have a parade Tuesday night and then that’s it. No July 4th themed parades for us. We do have The Hubbies best friend from North Carolina visiting us for the week starting Tuesday night, he is also our Southern Supplies Mule as he bring stuff from North Carolina that we can’t get here. So we will entertain him for the week, which usually means I don’t have to cook much. We are contemplating a trip into NYC to see a show with him as he has never seen a Broadway show before.

Happy Pride Weekend, I hope you all had fun no matter what you did, and Happy Independence Day to all.


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