June is Busting Out All Over

So yeah it’s June isn’t it. Where has the year gone. Let’s recap May shall we parade season began, Memorial Day Meat-A-Palooza was had and then our friends got married on the last day of the Month. So I guess I will spare you those details since I won’t remember much and just jump ahead to a weekend post.

The work week was semi uneventful. We had a parade on the 5th in which we marched once leading the parade and then again closer to the end. It was thankfully not too bad of a march both length and weather wise.

Friday night after the torrential downpours subsided briefly, the Hubby and I met 4 friends and went had a fabulous night out at a semi new restuarant local to 1 of the couples.

500 Degrees on Main Street – touts itself as Mediterranean with Asian spin on the American Grill. And quite honestly Chef’s Eric (who is CUUUUTE) and Chef Manny (who is Cuute) didn’t disappoint.


I started with the Fish Fritters – which came with a delicious Cucumber Chili Relish


For my Entree I had the Ribeye which came with Onion Rings, Asparagus, and I substituted Caponata for the Mashed Potatoes it should have come with.

20130609-190029.jpgThe first drink I had was called Purple Rain and looked and tasted like Grape Kool-Aid, so for my second drink I moved on to the Cucumber Martini

20130609-190036.jpgTo top the evening off, one cannot pass up the opportunity to take a Selfie in the Bathroom “Fainting” on the fainting ottoman.

Saturday the fun continued, but not until AFTER I marched the 3rd parade of the week. It was Gayme Night so my noggin went into cooking mode and whipped up this Fabulous Giant Cookie.

20130609-190044.jpgHere is the before, it has Dark Chocolate Chips, Heath Bits, and Butterscotch Chips.

20130609-190050.jpgHere is the after, I frosted it with half chocolate and half Caramel buttercream I wanted out of the fridge from a cake I had made a couple weeks prior.


20130609-190104.jpgAnd here it is after the vultures started attacking it (me included).

20130609-190059.jpgIt’s not Gayme Night without my Signature Funny name written on my cup.

Sunday was Brunch Day. Our friends whose turn it was to host have a gorgeous house with a beautiful outdoor area poolside for entertaining. They always go above and beyond with the decorating.

20130609-190111.jpgTable for 9 (yeah somehow there was a stray invited).


For our contribution I made Biscuits and Bacon Jam

20130609-190125.jpgWith the passing of Dick Clark, who had a good run as our Patron Saint of Brunch, we have moved on and elected

Jon Hamm as our new Patron Saint of Brunch, for reasons I am sure ALL of you are aware of.

Well that about wraps things up here. Nothing super exciting going on here, parade season is in full swing, the pool is open and the social calendar is looking to be pretty good this summer.

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