Bowling Week #15 2013

And the end is drawing near

Game #1 – 171

Game #2 – 182

Game #3 – 135

My average popped back up to 155 going into the final night.

Last week we bowled Team Fruits and Nuts and boy did they give us a run for our money. I was totally torn going into this week because 3 of the members on that team are really good friends of ours.

We took  1 point which keeps  in First place with 39 points with only a 2 point lead ahead of the 2nd place place but a 4 point lead ahead of the 3rd place team

This week we play the 2nd Place team Split Happens, who also happen to be the League founders and officers. Again this week 2 of the guys on this team are our really good friends, one being one of the first gay men I met after coming out so long ago.

All we need is to capture 1 point this week to finish the season in 1st place, 2 points would be preferable, but with only 1 point we still lead based on Pins  plus Handicap.


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