Bowling Week #14 2013

We win some we win some more and some more….

Game #1 – 145

Game #2 – 151

Game #3 – 126

My average dropped down to 154. It seems I fluctuate week to week between 154 and 156.

Last week we bowled Team Downtown. We bowled fairly well considering we had to make up 221 pins before we even started the games.  they all bowled either right at or just above their averages but it wasn’t enough.

We took all 4  points which keeps  in First place with 38 points a commanding 5 point lead from 2nd and 3rd places, which is fantastic going into the final regular night of bowling. After this Sunday it’s another position round which will decide the entire season.

This week we play Team Fruits and Nuts, they had a set back with a player hurting her ankle so she has been out most of the season. I am torn because they are our friends (2 of which we convinced to join the league) but I really want to beat them so we can retain our lead and hopefully finish the season in first place.


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