Pre-Birthday Weekend Extravaganza-Day 2

Well imagine that, my first post about my Birthday weekend was post number 430 which is my Birthday 4/30!

Now on to Sunday which was a little less active and more about friends. You’ve seen previous posts about our rotating brunch with the 3 other couples that we do roughly once a month. This month we decided, since the couple who’s turn it was to host is getting married at the end of May, that we would make this a Brunch field Trip.


From the bottom left around we have Scott and John, Corey, The Hubby,  Corey’s Hubby Allen, Me, Allen’s Mom and the token straights Matt and Robin. Aren’t we a beautiful bunch.

The restaurant we go to for brunch is very cute and has a pretty good menu. Not to mention the Brunch includes Endless Bellinis or Bloddy Marys. You can see which I went with.


I ordered the Salad for my first course as the Asparagus Puree just didn’t interest me. For my main course I had their take on Eggs Benedict.


Poached eggs over a toasted English muffin
with bacon, arugula, fresh tomato and salsa verde, served with home fried potatoes

I didn’t get a picture of anyone Else’s meal but they all looked just as good. The Hubby had BISTECCA DELL ’IMPICCATO E UOVA – Grilled hangar steak topped with frizzled onions, served with farm fresh fried eggs and home fried potatoes. There were a couple other dishes on either side of me that looked really good as well, French Toast, Salmon, and another Eggs and Ham dish with a spicy tomato sauce.

Little did we know when we arrived that sitting at a large (at least 20 people) table next to us would be a surprise 50th Birthday party. So not to be out done we of course had to make it known that my Birthday was approaching as well.  So when my dessert of Cannoli and Peanut Butter Sorbet arrived there was a candle in it! The waitress really made me happy.


After brunch the celebrating wasn’t over and it was such a gorgeous day out that we ended up walking down the street to another bar for a couple more drinks.



John, Scott, and the Bride to Be Robin


Mandatory Self shot with Scott!

After a couple drinks we had to head home and feed the pups and get ready for bowling, we are down to the wire for bowling season and after last night (which I will recap later in the week) we only have 2 nights left, the last being position round which will crown the winning team for the year.

Well it was back to work on Monday, tonight we are going to a local German Restaurant for the Tuesday Night buffet with a few friends, hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can sit outside in the Biergarten.


Pre-Birthday Weekend Extravaganza-Day 1

So with my birthday looming on a Tuesday (tomorrow to be exact April 30th), I decided that the celebration should start over the weekend and carry all the way through.

Saturday started out like a regular weekend, we volunteered at a Meet and Greet for our Greyhound adoption group in the morning. It was a beautiful day out thankfully with the sun shining which made for people being out and about. After the meet and greet we drove home, dropped off the pups (who probably napped the entire afternoon), changed our clothes and hopped back in the car to drive into New York City for a late afternoon/evening of fun and Frivolity.


Here we are in the car on the highway.

Our first stop was the Hubby’s addition to the weekend. He has followed the Facebook page of The Baconery for a while and since we had some time and it was on our way downtown we decided to stop in for a snack and to check the place out. They have only been open at their location on Columbus Ave since November but the owner has a ton of ideas. So aside from delicious baked goods all made with bacon, and the chocolate covered bacon (which seen below is what the hubby and I had), the plans are moving forward to add some Craft Beers and a small wine selection.


Dark chocolate covered bacon with bacon bits (R) and Sprinkles (L)

After our visit there, we made the what seemed like HOURS long drive from 109th St to 44th. Honestly I really do think it took about an hour to get through Times Square and to around the block to the entrance of the parking garage. So we dropped off the car and got out into the gorgeous afternoon sun and wandered our way down to the place that was recommended to us for dinner. Now I can easily look and find someplace to eat but I do love to find a place that the locals like to eat at.

So we ended up at 5 Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen. At 5pm on a Saturday the place was packed. We were a little early for our 5;30 reservation so we moseyed up to the bar and had a pre-dinner drink.


I had a Moscow Mule


The Hubby had a Tito Vodka Maytag Blue Cheese Olive Martini

We finished our drinks right as the table buzzer thing that most restaurants give you went off. The ambiance of the place is as eclectic as the menu, lots of windows, exposed light bulbs, and meat hooks. After we sat down we just took in the menu and ordered another drink. The Hubby ordered a beer, I moved on to a Ginger Caipiranha (seen below) and we ordered our appetizers and perused the rest of the menu. The menu here is not very large but what they lack in number of choices they certainly make up for in deliciousness.



The Hubby had The Pork Taquitos – queso fresco, crema & salsa.



I ordered The Deep Fried Pickles & Pastrami – honey mustard vinaigrette

From there we moved on to a burger each (hold the bun) ,The Hubby had the Mushroom Bleu-8 oz. fresh ground beef, sauteed mushrooms & shallots, with blue cheese with a side of Sweet Potato Fries. I ordered the Bacon Cheddar 8 oz. fresh ground beef, black label bacon, sharp cheddar, raw onion, lettuce, tomato with a side of Tater Tots.


Since I wasn’t sure how long dinner would be and how far things really were from each other we had some time to waste between dinner and the show we were seeing, so we popped up a few blocks to Flaming Saddles. Now neither of us is a country music lover but the bar has this je ne sai quoi about it that just makes you feel welcome. It does help that the bartenders range from cute to Gorgeous, and that they wear tight jeans and dance on the bar. We had 1 more drink to pass the time, watched some dancing, picked on the bartender with the broken foot and just had a fun visit.




After the bar we walked back down to the theater to get our seats and a magnet for me at the show. I splurged and bought us tickets to see Kinky Boots, it is just out of previews and has not YET won any Tony’s so ticket prices were reasonable.


 Honestly how could you go wrong when Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein are involved. We had mezzanine seats which honestly I thought were pretty damn good. The staging was such that everything happened in center stage so there was no fear of missing anything on the side were closest to. At times I will say my only issue was that since we were so close to the speaker that some of the lyrics at times seemed muffled. The show was amazing, the scenery, the costumes, the actors were all excellent, though the hubby was a little scared by one of the Drag Queens in the show. I don’t say this often but I would definitely see this show again.


to be continued…..

Bowling Week #13 2013

We win some we win some more….

Game #1 – 135

Game #2 – 185

Game #3 – 169

I had a good enough week to up my average to 156 this week I hope to increase it again.

Last week we bowled Alley of The Dolls, another great group of girls, one of which is her first year with us. I hope she comes back.

We took 3 points and gave them one which keeps  in First place with 34 points.

This week we play Team Downtown, this is another team who is hit or miss with who will show up sometimes. I am hoping we can bowl well to make up the pins we will need to make up and then some to keep our lead for the season.

T minus Seven

So let’s get to an update then a preview.

Not a lot has been happening around these parts really. Mom is still working on her recovery and the Hubby and I try to visit as often as we can. We usually have coffee with her Saturday and Sunday mornings and see her 3-4 weeknights depending on what else is happening.

It’s been 2 weeks since our 4 legged house guest has arrived and she seems to be getting slightly better at listening. Maggie is a beagle/boxer mix and belongs to our Best Friend or ALA (Alternative Lifestyle Assistant), think Baby Hippo with fur that barks, Maggie Not our ALA. Our friend had some surgery and since she lives on a 2nd floor condo was pretty much house bound until she was able to do the stairs again. So she asked if Maggie could have a sleep over vacation with the Greyhounds for a couple weeks. It hasn’t been too bad with her here but I am sure Duncan will be happy when she goes home. He likes his cousin but prefers the quiet much more.

We had our first Greyhound adoption group Meet and Greet last weekend. It was in conjunction with a local Animal Welfare group and was held on the green in one of the nearby towns. It was a good turnout for them, a little cloudy and chilly but we survived. Our next one is this weekend at a pet store sandwiched between Trader Joe’s and Starbucks.

Also this past Saturday was the annual Drum Corps awards dinner. The food was good, the company at our table was very nice as well. I received an award for 1 Parade Miss. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we went home. A good night.

So that’s the wrap up now on to the preview. Today marks 1 week until my Birthday. The weekend is when the celebrating begins, I haven’t decided on when it will end.

Saturday after the Meet and Greet the Hubby and I are headed off to New York City for an afternoon/evening of fun and frivolity. First up is the Hubby’s part of the fun which is a stop at The Baconery. He ok WE love bacon and a visit to a store that sells nothing but baked goods made with bacony goodness, how can you go wrong?

The next stop on the tour de NYC will be dinner. A twitter friend of mine Craig (Who will soon be an IRL friend, once our schedules align) upon request sent me some links to a few places that he and his Husband like. After perusing the menus and links he sent I settles on a place called 5 Napkin Burger. I think what sold me aside from the eclectic menu, was the Deep Fried Pickles and Pastrami they offer as an appetizer.

After dinner we will wander over for the main event of the evening. I went ahead and bought myself tickets to see Kinky Boots. Ever since I saw it was going to open on Broadway I vowed to get tickets and see this show. We have some friends who have seen it and all loved it. I am very much looking forward to it. I will recap the show after in another post.

Sunday we move on to Brunch with the gaggle that we always have brunch with. Since this turn the hosts are the couple getting married in just about a month we decided to have another brunch field trip to a local restaurant. The food is always delicious, and honestly how can you go wrong with endless Bellinis. Sunday also marks the week #13 out of 16 for bowling, winding down. I will miss it but will be happy to have my sunday nights back especially with summer coming.

So far nothing is planned for Monday night which is Birthday Eve, but Tuesday which is my actual exiting of the birth canal day, the hubby, my drum corps wife and my work wife are all going to a local German Restaurant for their Tuesday night German Buffet. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can sit outside in the BeerGarden and enjoy our meal and a few drinks.

That concludes all of the pre planned fun. The night after my birthday starts the first of 4 outside rehearsals for Drum Corps so we can get our marching legs in order before our first parade in the middle of May.

Well that’s it for now. The next bowling post will be up probably Thursday, then the Birthday recap posts should begin. Thanks for checking in.

Bowling Week #12 2013

We win some we lose some….

Game #1 – 144

Game #2 – 125

Game #3 – 144

I have dropped to the 3rd Highest average now of the Men in our league at 155.42

Wasn’t a very good week.

Last week we bowled RBC, well were supposed to anyway but not a single one of them showed up. So although they forfeited we still needed to bowl well enough to get any points.

We took 1 point which keeps  in First place with 31 points, but technically tied for first in points but we are ahead because of Pins plus handicap.

This week we play Team Alley of the Dolls they are a great group of lesbians who I look forward to bowling against.

Bowling Week #11 2013

We seem to have hit a good stride. Though I started out low, I quickly moved up.

Game #1 – 123

Game #2 – 167

Game #3 – 198

This is 2 weeks in a row I bowled a game just shy of hitting 2o0.

I have the 2nd Highest average now of the Men in our league at 157.03

Last week we bowled Team Holy Splits or as I call em our Bowling Wives

We took 3 points and gave them 1 point which keeps  in First place with 30 points.

This week we play Team RBC who currently sit in last place due to some frequent team member changes.