What a difference a day makes

Or in this case what a difference 2 years makes.

We had the pleasure of meeting our friends Walt and Ken for lunch this past weekend. We get together with them every month or two for lunch, although we realized we hadn’t seen them since we went on the cruise in December.

We had a fabulous time as we always do and spent a good 2 hours catching up and eating.

So this morning I am checking my Instagram and I see the following picture posted, then receive said picture via text.


Why yes Walt does enjoy taking pictures of me taking pictures of food.

I haven’t talked much about it here but about a year ago The Hubby and I started an eating adjustment. We did not call it a diet, we occasionally refer to it as CAP (Carb Awareness Program). We have minimized the amount of wheat and sugar over the past year. Has it been difficult? Ssometimes. Do I feel better for it? Most days definitely. Do I miss certain foods? Oh hell yes, the biggest one being Pizza.

Here is a screen shot of the past year. I can tell when we were on vacation by the spikes upward. To date I have lost 35 pounds from a year ago. Slightly more based on where I was at my heaviest. The Hubby is inching up to 30 pounds lost.



So yes I guess the changes though in the beginning were rough and the scale was not very friendly in moving, sticking with the adjustment has been all for the better.




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