Love was in the air

Or something at least was in the air, something sparkly to keep distracting me from all my lovely readers. Honestly there hasn’t been much to report.

There was the Superbowl I guess, I’m not really a sports guy but we ended up going to my older brothers house for some family togetherness and food. The food was the important part. Well okay the family togetherness was pretty good too.

The hubby and I bought this circus tent for our niece for Christmas. Best $20 we ever spent.



I was feeling a little silly after a couple glasses of wine, and there just happened to be this cute hat sitting on the mantle. You see the outcome.

Let’s see after the Superbowl was something….OH yeah that’s right just a little blizzard, but what’s 2 feet of snow amongst friends.


This was late night of the Friday the snow started. The puppies made some tracks in the fresh snow.


This is the main road we live on. This was also the Friday night of the storm.


This is the view out the back door, this is the same view as the picture with the doggie prints from above. This was Saturday morning.IMG_5522

This is the path we dug to the gate. Yes that is a lot of snow.


This is the view of our yard from the corner of the house. As you can see we needed to dig a small path for the puppies to do their business.

The blizzard weekend also happened to be Gayme Night weekend. The Governor and the Mayor both closed the roads in the state so we were worried we wouldn’t be able to make it to game night. Around 4pm they announced that the roads were opened and travel was possible. After being cooped up in the house for 2 days ( I worked from home Friday and the Hubby came home early), I was happy to get out of the house.

Our friends planned for everyone to meet at a park and ride near their house and they shuttled everyone over and back. This was good cause their street was in no shape to have parking on the sides of the road. A few hours with a few friends, eating, drinking, and playing games was super fun for everyone.

Sunday was our rotating brunch get together. We didn’t let a little snow keep us from more food, fun, and friends. The hosts this time picked a menu of Chicken and Waffles, along with some bacon and cornbread. The Hubby and I had the initial idea of deep fried Mac & Cheese balls. We took it in a more healthy route replacing the Mac with Quinoa. They were a hit with everyone and not a single one was left. They are a definite do again.

So between the Super bowl and snow, Bowling was canceled for 2 weeks. The Superbowl week was planned, but the week after was canceled because too many of the league members were still snowed in. We finally went back this past sunday but that’s another post coming once they update the score sheets on the website.

So back we go a few days, after the Blizzard and Brunch came the Holiday of Love – Valentines Day. I know there are 2 camps on this holiday, some love, some hate it. We don’t usually end up going out on the actual night because of the craziness but there was a group of 6 of us that planned a night out.


The Hubby got flowers delivered to his office on Weds.

The hosts of Gayme Night had the idea to get a few couples together and enjoy dinner together. There ended up being 3 couples for dinner. We ended up going to one of our favorite places. The White Horse County Pub has a great eclectic menu for everyday which was the reason we love it so much, they also had some Valentines specials too.


I missed getting a picture of the entire table but we had the best seat in the house. The table of 6 in the middle of room is the
16TH CENTURY TAVERN TABLE – IN CONTINUOUS USE FOR OVER 400 YEARS, FROM A ROYAL CASTLE. Fitting for a table full of Queens was the Crown Candle holder.IMG_5565

It’s not a trip to the White Horse without me having a Royal Pimm’s or 2.

Pimm’s No. 1, Champagne, and Lemonade.


The Table had a row of drawers on the side I was sitting on. I opened one of them and found this treasure trove of notes and an origami swan.IMG_5567

Now on to the food. For my Appetizer I had the Sauteed Crab Cake

made with only the very finest meat from the blue crab – served
with a cajun remoulade sauce.


For my entree I had

slow braised in Cabernet and herbs, served with an ale & hoisin glaze, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetable.

  I didn’t get any pics of the Hubbies meal but he started with the Valentines Special Appetize of fried Oysters with Caviar, and for his entree he had The White Horse Seafood Bake – clams, mussels, sea scallops, shrimp, salmon, onions garlic and fennel with a touch of pernod and lots of white wine, baked in an iron crock and served with garlic toast.


One half of the game night couple ordered the Chicken Pot Pie, dating back to medieval times, a really good pot pie was an important element of any royal chef’s repertoire – this would definitely win the King’s favor – tender pieces of chicken, celery, carrots, peas, onions and herbs, baked in a rich sauce with a little chardonnay and cream, topped with a light buttery flaky crust.


The other half of the game night couple and one of the other couple that joined us ordered

vodka marinated large shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs and lemon, served with a sherry lobster sauce
over a sun dried tomato risotto.

The other half of the other couple ordered the PERSIAN LAMB KOFTAS – exotic and flavorful grilled lamb skewers with tomatoes, onions and peppers, marinated in garlic, olive oil, spices, mint and rosemary – grilled and served over raisin basmati rice with a cucumber, mint, yogurt dipping sauce and a spicy harissa sauce.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our dinners and then moved onto Dessert!


The coffee cups have the cutest saying on them.IMG_5573

The Dessert Presentation is fantastic no matter what you order. And each one comes with a White Horse dusted on the plate in powdered sugar.IMG_5574


I ordered the Valentines Special, Chocolate Cake with a Strawberry Champagne Mousse. It was so damn good I ate every last bite.

Well that about catches you up. The weekend was pretty normal and uneventful. The usual errands and stuff, and bowling of which I will have an update later this week. Thanks for stopping by.

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