February snuck up on me

Where has the time gone. It’s hard to believe it is February already. Things have been going better here, busy but busy is always good.

This past weekend the hubby and I met up with some friends in NYC for a much needed day of fun and frivolity.

We started off with a stop for Lunch at Roxy Delicatessen.


This place is not for the picky eater, you know the type, I’m not hungry I’ll just pick, or have something small.

There is nothing small about this place except for maybe the tables once your meal has arrived.

IMG_5433 IMG_5434

This was what we ordered. The Triple Decker. Corned Beef, Brisket and Pastrami. Yes the hubby and I shared this single sandwich and an order of fries. It was Amazingly Fantastic!

After lunch we met up with our friends and headed onward to the theater for the Matinee showing of:


This was the second time seeing this show for 4 of the 6 of us. The hubby and I saw it quite a few years ago, actually it was right after they won the Tony Award. Since then they moved off Broadway to a smaller theatre but honestly there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

The agenda was non stop, the next planned visit was to see our friend Glenn perform with ComedySportz, which I have talked about in previous posts. We had a little time to kill between the 2 shows so around the corner from the Broadway Comedy Club where ComedySportz performs is a little ole gay bar called Flaming Saddles. This was the first time for all of us to visit and I will say I rather enjoyed myself. Now I am by no means a country bar, country gay bar, or country music fan, but I would go back there.

Here are a couple pics and some video I took.




The Bartender was HUUUUNKY! The Bar dancers were cute but not totally my type.

After a drink we went back out into the cold and walked back up to the Comedy Club and met up with Bill, Glenn’s husband, watched a great show, and met our 2 drink minimum. The show was fabulous, and the best take away line which was used repeatedly after the first time was “Holocaust China”. You had to be there.

After the show Glenn and Bill joined us for a fabulous dinner for 8 at E & E Grill House. With the exception of 1 meal that was seriously cold and 2 that were somewhat not up to temp I think the meal was pretty damn good and the service for a table of 8 on a Saturday was on par with what I was expecting.


For my appetizer I had

Grilled Bacon savoy cabbage, cider vinegar, aioli


For my entree I had

Dry-Aged Brisket Benedict smoked béarnaise sauce, poached egg, bacon, mashed potatoes


And alhough not technically anyone’s birthday I had Chocolate Birthday Cake with cream cheese frosting, and ice cream for dessert.

The dinner was fun and was the perfecting ending to a fantastic day.


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