Bowling Week #1 2013

It’s That Time again!

The Gay Bowling League started back up this past Sunday. I have been anxiously awaiting this time for months.

They haven’t yet updated the website with our scores but I have bit of info to get these posts going again. The team numbers were mixed up from last year again this year. We are now team Number 2 – Team Alley Oops
Game #1 – 151
Game #2 – 191
Game #3 – 114
Starting Avg which was carried over from last years final night is 137. My average is now 152 an increase of 15.
This gives me the 3rd Highest Men’s individual average.
My Goal this year is to up my average and bowl at least 1 game over 200.

I am off to a good start with the 191 Game. For now I also hold the highest Individual Scratch Game – 191, Highest Individual Handicap Game – 254, Third highest Scratch Series – 456 and Handicap Series – 645.

As a Team we have the Highest Team Scratch Game – 573 and Second Highest Team Scratch Series 1592.

We played Team Holy Splits
We took 1 point and gave them 3 points which puts us in 9th place for the first week.
Next week we play Team Mixed Fruit and Nuts –
That’s all for now report back next week!

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