Just another Auld Lang Syne

So another year has come to a close. As per our tradition we hosted our 13th annual New Years Eve at The Compound. The final guest tally was 28 of our good friends many of whom I consider my Family as well.

Along with it being New Years Eve it is also our Anniversary so we let everyone else have the Thanksgiving and Christmas as their Holiday to host, we consider New Years Our Holiday.

After days of cleaning and prep the party went off without a hitch. Yes there may have been some spilled Champagne, and there may have been too much food, but there was also plenty of Love and Friendship that filled the house. As is our other tradition the hubby and I will sit around the house playing video games, and doing a lot of nothing and eating leftovers. It’s back to work for us tomorrow, I personally haven’t seen the office since Christmas Eve.

Below are some pics I managed to snap while prepping.

This is my Fabulous Ceviche


We some red onions left so we decided to pickle them.


The best part about living in New England, the Outdoor Walk out Refrigerator and Bar Set up


Here is a shot of the table. The empty plate was for the Mini Tacos that were in the oven still


These are Enchilada stuffed Mushrooms. Or as I call them Little bites of delicious.


Here is the after pic of the bar. So many bottles, some full some half full, many empty.


Clean up was easy, most of the stuff got covered and put outside.



We even got some Anniversary Gifts



Not sure if this was on purpose or a misprint but the bag says “From Mrs & Mrs Claus”

I’m not one for resolutions but it’s a new year and a blank Social Calendar. I plan on making the most of it and seeing all of my friends and meeting some new ones if at all possible. Sunday we also start back up with our Bowling League year #6!

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