from where I sit

For the past week I have been working from home. Now I think both the company and I benefit from this.

I benefit because I have the flexibility to take care of some things without having to worry about driving 45 minutes to the office, which is really only 25 miles away, and they benefit because I believe they get a more productive employee.

Now don’t get me wrong I am very productive at the office, many of you have probably seen pictures of my cube at The Judgmental Corner. I have two monitors, something that we didn’t realize was so amazing until we had them. It’s been about 4 years of using them for my department.

Having these 2 monitors has allowed me to pretty much go paperless in my day to day activities which is all good in the long run. I keep my Order Management System open on one screen and my email on the other and work between the 2.

Now don’t get me wrong I do take a few me moments while at the office to visit and help out other coworkers with things away from my desk, I am not glued to my chair. When I am home there is no one to interact with save for the Office Communicator where I can chat with my teammates.

The downside to working remotely, so far the only one I can think of is that I don’t have 2 monitors. I have yet to decide if the Doggies offering to help me is an advantage or disadvantage.


The last few times I worked form home I sat at the kitchen counter and worked there. This time around I have decided to sit in the gameroom area we created back around Christmas. There is natural light, no TV to distract me, and the loveseat is a lot more comfortable to sit on than the barstool. Now if only I could find something to elevate the work computer, or just sit with it on my lap.

That’s about it for now. Still waiting for the bowling stats to be updated.



An update

Just a quick update to say I am still out here. Been dealing with some Family issues so my normal jovial posts may be waylaid for a bit.

I will continue to post as I can, my bowling updates will come every week, but I can’t guarantee anything more of substance for a bit.

Please bear with me while I take this short stint away.


Bowling Week #3 2013

Week Number 2 is upon, let’s see how I did
Game #1 – 177
Game #2 – 152
Game #3 – 122
Starting Avg was 146. My average is now 147.
This week we played Team Alley of the Dolls.
We took  4 points and gave them o point which puts us in  2nd place with 8 points.
Sunday we play Team 10
That’s all for now report back next week!

Bowling Week #2 2013

Week Number 2 is upon, let’s see how I did
Game #1 – 142
Game #2 – 136
Game #3 – 145
Starting Avg was 152. My average is now 1 an crease of 146.
As a Team we have the Highest Team Scratch Series and Team Handicap Series.
This week we played Team RBC, which ended up being one original member and her harem of straight guys she recruited to be subs as the rest of her team wasn’t able to make it this week.
We took  3 points and gave them 1 point which puts us in  4th place with 4 points.
Sunday we play Team Alley of the Dolls
That’s all for now report back next week!

Bowling Week #1 2013

It’s That Time again!

The Gay Bowling League started back up this past Sunday. I have been anxiously awaiting this time for months.

They haven’t yet updated the website with our scores but I have bit of info to get these posts going again. The team numbers were mixed up from last year again this year. We are now team Number 2 – Team Alley Oops
Game #1 – 151
Game #2 – 191
Game #3 – 114
Starting Avg which was carried over from last years final night is 137. My average is now 152 an increase of 15.
This gives me the 3rd Highest Men’s individual average.
My Goal this year is to up my average and bowl at least 1 game over 200.

I am off to a good start with the 191 Game. For now I also hold the highest Individual Scratch Game – 191, Highest Individual Handicap Game – 254, Third highest Scratch Series – 456 and Handicap Series – 645.

As a Team we have the Highest Team Scratch Game – 573 and Second Highest Team Scratch Series 1592.

We played Team Holy Splits
We took 1 point and gave them 3 points which puts us in 9th place for the first week.
Next week we play Team Mixed Fruit and Nuts –
That’s all for now report back next week!

A Culinary Masterpiece


To round out the Anniversary celebration, the Hubby and I had a fabulous Date Night out on Friday at the We are fortunate that this fabulous foodie destination is only about an hour away. Now if only we could go there during daylight hours, unlike every other time we have been there at night and in the winter. The above picture is the building that houses all but 3 of the 5 restaurants.


I am sure the campus is as beautiful in the Non Winter months as it is with a light snowfall. This is the earliest in the year we have ever been (I think the other 4 times it was February), it was nice to see the Holiday Lights still lit on the plaza.


This building in yellow is where the Italian Restaurant is, Caterina De’ medici. This was the 2nd restaurant we ate at. We were hoping to eat at the French Restaurant but it has been closed for months in preparation for a remodel and name Change. The Escoffier restaurant, the oldest on campus, which was old school French, is being replaced with The Bocuse Retaurant which is a more modern take on French Cuisine. We are very much looking forward to making a second trip to the CIA this year to eat there.

We decided to revisit the first of the restaurants we ever ate at The American Bounty Restaurant. The Schools website describes the restaurant as follows: The wealth and diversity of foods of the Americas is brought to life by the imaginative cuisine of this award-winning, student-staffed restaurant located in the CIA’s main building, Roth Hall. A recipient of the prestigious Restaurants & Institutions Ivy Award, the Bounty features regional specialties prepared with ingredients selected from the riches of the Hudson River Valley and beyond.


Gratuitous Self pic outside before heading in for our dinner.

We each ordered an appetizer, salad and entree, and as always the food was outstanding. The students were knowledgable and all but a few are ready to graduate in 2 weeks. It’s always nice to get students as the staff that are personable and although they are there to learn and work, they were still able to chat about their lives with the guests.

So without further ado below are pictures which honestly don’t do the food or presentation justice.

I started with a glass of Grüner Veltliner, Dr. Konstantin Frank, Finger Lakes 2010 (which I failed to take a picture of), which was fabulous. I had to try it since it is from the Finger Lakes where we visit every July for a wine tour.

I couldn’t pass up the Special Drink of the night. Prosecco with a Bitters soaked sugar cube and a lemon twist. It was delicious.


 For my appetizer I ordered the Sautéed Shrimp and Chorizo Sausage with
Garlic, Lemon


The Hubby ordered Dry-aged Beef Carpaccio
Frisée, “Waffle” Potatoes, Deviled Egg


The Hubby went with the Mixed Field Greens


I was feeling adventurous and not really knowing what I was getting ordered the Crispy Portabella Salad. It was amazing.


I was torn between 2 dishes for dinner. They had Short Ribs which I love but I went instead with the

American Bounty Special 30th Anniversary Entrée
Dry-aged Strip Loin
Fingerling Potatoes, Arugala, Blue Cheese, Green Beans

I also ordered a side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts for us to share.


The hubby immediately knew what he was having when he read the menu,

Hudson Valley Moulard Duck Breast
Creamy Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Green Peppercorn Sauce


Now on to the final piece of the Culinary Masterpiece Dessert.

The hubby ordered

Ice Cream-filled Profiteroles
House Churned Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Candied Almonds


I ordered the Warm Chocolate Cake
Pistachio Ice Cream, Toffee Sauce


This honestly was the best part of the meal. When I made the reservation I noted that it was our 15th Anniversary. So I was only slightly surprised to find these wishes on our dessert plates. Along with that a few of the students noted this and came by to wish us a Happy Anniversary.

It was a wonderful end to a wonderful week that started out with New Year’s Eve celebrations with all of our friends and ended with a quiet dinner for 2.


Just another Auld Lang Syne

So another year has come to a close. As per our tradition we hosted our 13th annual New Years Eve at The Compound. The final guest tally was 28 of our good friends many of whom I consider my Family as well.

Along with it being New Years Eve it is also our Anniversary so we let everyone else have the Thanksgiving and Christmas as their Holiday to host, we consider New Years Our Holiday.

After days of cleaning and prep the party went off without a hitch. Yes there may have been some spilled Champagne, and there may have been too much food, but there was also plenty of Love and Friendship that filled the house. As is our other tradition the hubby and I will sit around the house playing video games, and doing a lot of nothing and eating leftovers. It’s back to work for us tomorrow, I personally haven’t seen the office since Christmas Eve.

Below are some pics I managed to snap while prepping.

This is my Fabulous Ceviche


We some red onions left so we decided to pickle them.


The best part about living in New England, the Outdoor Walk out Refrigerator and Bar Set up


Here is a shot of the table. The empty plate was for the Mini Tacos that were in the oven still


These are Enchilada stuffed Mushrooms. Or as I call them Little bites of delicious.


Here is the after pic of the bar. So many bottles, some full some half full, many empty.


Clean up was easy, most of the stuff got covered and put outside.



We even got some Anniversary Gifts



Not sure if this was on purpose or a misprint but the bag says “From Mrs & Mrs Claus”

I’m not one for resolutions but it’s a new year and a blank Social Calendar. I plan on making the most of it and seeing all of my friends and meeting some new ones if at all possible. Sunday we also start back up with our Bowling League year #6!