’twas a week before Christmas part 2


Friday was the big night out for the hubby, the ALA and I. Back in September I bought tickets to see Straight No Chaser (for the second time this year) for the 3 of us. The ALA’s ticket was her Birthday present. The concert was at one of the Casinos here in CT. So I took the day off from work, the hubby and ALA each worked a half day. The drive time to get there was about 2 hours, which meant the drive home was going to be so much fun late at night.

We arrived and wandered around a bit through the gaming area before we headed over to where all of the restaurants were. My original choice for dinner turned out to not be what I thought it was. My backup choices were quickly put out there as options, and when we saw the Irish Pub was closed it was option 3 for mexican at SolToro Tequila Grill.


The food was amazing! This was definitely a win in my book.


My drink choice was the Cucurita.

El Charro Blanco, Gran Gala Orange Liquor, Muddled Cucumber, Mint, & Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice.


I started with the Shrimp Ceviche – Tomatillo, Serrano Chile & Lime.


For my Entree I had the Enchiladas Suizas with Chicken. The waitress let me get both the Ranchera Salsa and the Creamy Tomatillo Salsa.

After Dinner we did a little shopping, I picked up a present for a friend, the hubby found some new Swarovski Display pieces that we needed to buy and add to our new collection. On the cruise we bought a Santa and a Flying Cow.  Now we also have a Pig and Ducky to go with them and display year round. After shopping I had a little Ding Ding fever so I sat myself down at a Slot machine while waiting for them to open the doors for the concert. I walked away $20 ahead of where I started so I call that a win.


Me and the Hubby


The Hubby and the Girlfriend (or ALA)

Straight No Chaser was Fabulous! Below are some pictures and Video I took of the concert. I was late to the game with buying the tickets so we couldn’t get floor seats. The seats were good though, they could have been worse. The Guys were amazing as always. They sang some of the new songs that will be on their next album out on May 7, 2013. The show was a sold out crowd of 6,000.



Here is one of the reasons I love Straight No Chaser – This is a great holiday song they wrote called the Christmas Can-Can.

This is another reason – an A Capella version of Carol of the Bells s0 moving.

One of my favorite songs plus I had to take video of the Disco ball!

No trip to the casino would be complete without some Krispy Kreme donuts since this is now the closest place we can get them fresh from the donut making machine. The hubby and I each had one before we hopped back in the car and drove home.


Saturday hands down was the best day of the week, actually the best day of the last few weeks, since we came back from the cruise. Along with our normal saturday errands and last minute Christmas shopping we had a full day ahead of us of fun and Frivolity and possibly some debauchery.

First up was a lunch date I set up with a fellow blogger/tweeter. Many of you probably know JP from Life is Such a Sweet Insanity. He tweeted late last week that he was embarking on the final christmas shopping event of the season and was going to be road tripping it the few hours to our area with his Husband. Well I’m not one to let an opportunity to meet someone who’s blog I read and follow on twitter. So I immediately stalked Tweeted him back for the details and see about meeting up.

We arranged to get together for a late lunch at one of our local favorite places for dinner. The hour we spent together flew buy and talking to JP and his husband Earl felt like talking to old friends and not people we just met. Since they are the type who will just hop in the car and drive, I told them if they were ever down this way again to let us know. And I’m just gonna lay it out there, JP HOT! he’s one of those that looks good in pictures but is so much more handsome in person. Earl is pretty easy on the eyes too.kevinearl

Saturday night was the piece DE resistance of the Saturday fun. There is a local group over in the Hudson Valley area of New York called Big Gay Hudson Valley. They were sponsoring a festive little holiday show called HUNG With Care: A Holiday Burlesque Cabaret. SO. MUCH. FUN. And the Boys were CUUUUUUTE, both the ones on stage and the ones in the audience.

So I have splurged and purchased VIP tickets which gave us a Cabaret Table and a Complimentary Drink – a delicious Gliterred Nipple. It was much to my surprise (as well as the hubbies, whose exact word upon seeing our seats was “REALLY?”) that our table was right up front practically touching the stage. It turns out that one of the evenings hosts decided that since we were driving about an hour to come to the show he could at least help to make our experience a good one.


So this was the view of the Catwalk we had all night during the show.


Now this was not just Burlesque but it was also Boylesque. There were 2 women who performed BB Heart and Stormy Leather. The hubby was happy that one of the women performers gave us a fantastic Tits & Feathers show. Though at one point there was a wardrobe malfunction and the Feather Fan got stuck in her Fishnet. She is dancing and fanning and the next thing we know she is unbuckling her high heel, flinging it off to the side and taking her fishnet off along with her fan.
Now I enjoyed the women dancing, I had no choice as they decided I was going to be included in the show since I was practically sitting on the stage.

Now on to the Boys! The host of the show and the hottest one was Go-Go Harder, he is the leader of a group called Boylesque 101. He started the show off as a Nut Cracker, literally and figuratively. During his act the pulled 2 pecans out of his sparkly thong and naturally threw them our way and the hubby caught it. He kept checking back in with us during the show cause he was worried that the Vaginas were scaring me. I was able to get a quick chat with him after the show and he was a naturally sweet guy.

The second (hottest) guy to come out was Go Go Gadget. He had also spent some pre-show time out on the catwalk dancing around. He did this hot little number about not touching his pie which ended with him in nothing but whipped cream. The third (hottest) guy was Topher Bousquet who came out the first time with Stormy Leather and did a fun rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside. He then came out during the second act and did the amazing contortion act complete with hula hoop.

I had a chance to talk briefly with the two guys who run the group just after the show ended but unfortunately we didn’t make it over to the local bar after the show to chat some more with them. The hubby and I didn’t eat prior to the show since we had the late lunch but were starved by the time the show was over. So off we went to a local diner for a bite to eat before we got on the road and drove the hour back home. Since we had other ways to contact each other we have already started talking about making plans to get together for dinner.

Sunday was mani-pedi day for Mom and Dad’s dog Lucy. The hubby trimmed her nails and Dad made us breakfast, win-win. A quick trip to the store for some last minute grocery items and a trip to the liquor store and then it was home to get my Christmas desserts made. Since I have to work today (Christmas Eve) I wasn’t going to have time to bake. I spent Sunday afternoon baking the Carrot Cakes for Christmas Day and the Cheesecake for Christmas Eve while the hubby made his delicious homemade Eggnog from his Grandmas recipe. When he was finished it amounted to about 3 gallons.

We brought a half gallon over to our friends house for Downton Abbey night with the Gays. It went well with the cherry crumble we had for dessert after we had a delicious salad and homemade lasagna.

It was a great night with friends, food, and merriment. The perfect way to end the weekend and start Christmas week.

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