’twas a week before Christmas part 1

And boy what a week it was. What better thing to do on Christmas Eve as I sit at the office than to recap the week.

To say the week was busy would be an understatement. We haven’t stopped going since last week when I started my cookie baking.

Monday we started the week off by joining some friends we haven’t seen in a very long time for dinner. I got a call the previous Friday which honestly kind of surprised me. I had decided a few months back to stop putting forth the effort with them and leave things in their hands. The last time we saw them was when half of the couple came by the house to pick up some stuff we had been storing for them (for about 2 years). The time before that was when that same half of the couple, the other half is a cop and wasn’t really around much for socializing, came to our New Year’s party last year and skipped out without saying goodbye. This was before Midnight even hit. Done. With. Them.

Tuesday was actually the quietest night of them all. The hubby did some tile repair in the kitchen while I made the appetizers that we were going to bring to the Drum Corps Pot Luck on Wednesday Night. In place of our normal rehearsal and instead of a weekend Christmas Party the Drum Corps opted to have a week night potluck. It was a fun time sitting with the ex work wife and some of the other members. We had a good time and I was surprised at how well my appetizers were. They will definitely be a make again. I made 2 different types of Quinoa Bites, Pepperoni and Shredded Mozzarella, and Fresh Mozzarella and Herbs.

Thursday night was the start of a weekend of celebrating and debauchery. Thursday night we were out at a local bar right down the street from us. It was our ALA’s (Alternative Lifestyle Assistant) Birthday. Her mom planned for a small group to get together for dinner, drinks, and cake. The service was meh, the food was standard bar, the waitress was a little flighty so overall it was a usual night at this establishment.

So that was the first half of the week, the Weekend portion will be posted shortly.

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