Nassau or Bust

Thursday was supposed to have been our port day in Nassau, Bahamas. The cosmos had other plans I guess. Not that we were as shaken up over it as the poor Bride to be scheduled to married at 1pm somewhere on the island.

The captain announced Weds night that due to some mixup or other circumstances there was no longer a berth available for the ship to dock in Nassau for the day. The backup plan was we would dock from 6 to midnight. Honestly neither option really thrilled me, we planned on pretending it was a sea day and we were just going to stay on the ship anyway.

We had a fabulous day hanging out with our friends in the morning and then some new friends we met at the Muster Drill in the afternoon. I love meeting new people on board and if they happen to be other homos all the better.

So as we were getting ready to head out for our Elite member free cocktail 2 hours in the Sky Lounge the captain made the announcement that due to the weather the ships already docked in Nassau were unable to leave, which meant we were unable to dock, that there was going to be yet another change if plans.

We were unaware until this point that the CEO of Celebrity happened to be onboard the ship. We knew there was a large Sales contingency on board for a Sales Conference/Awards banquet. So the captain says as a gesture of good faith the CEO was opening all bars with a special menu for all guests free of charge from 5-6pm. In all of the 13 cruises we have ever been on this was a first. So I immediately picked up the phone and called Walt and Ken and we arranged to meet at what I thought would be the least busy bar. We got there and were shocked if was 5 people deep. I’ve never seen that many people at The Passport Bar on deck 3.

We quickly changed plans and scurried off to the Casino bar which was surprisingly less crowded. We ordered our drinks and grabbed some chairs from the slot machines since the casino itself was closed and settled in for the hour which turned into an hour and a half after the captain extended the open bar. Shortly after we sat down our new friends Greg, Bart, and Roger along with his dad Bob joined our little soirée.

After drinks we sent The Boys to dinner and we headed back to the room for our ties and jackets to get some pictures taken. We still had a bit of time to kill before our scheduled 8:30 dinner in the dining room.




This is the first time I can say I was really disappointed in the table we ended up at for dinner. We always request to be seated at a large table, we like to meet people. Only twice in our 13 cruises have we ever been at a table with people we just had no connection with. The first was our transatlantic but we ended up meeting others and moving to their table. The other was a 4 top in the middle of the dining room with a straight couple that just didn’t work although we stuck it out.

This cruise we were seated at a 2 top. Now I know so e people would like that but we spend 24 hours together what is there to talk about at dinner with just us. If we were going to be there for more than 2 nights I would have requested a table change. I was hoping the 4 top next to us would be full but the couple that say down didn’t even glance our way.

I will say I loved my dinner though!


Tournedos of Beef with the morel mushroom sauce



Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

We made the best of it and had a delicious meal and an Anniversary cake the hubby ordered unbeknownst to me.



After dinner we met up with Walt and Ken and hit the casino where I promptly spent 20 minutes on a penny slot and lost $20.


Me and Walt


The hubby modeling the latest in Ship Curtains

I slept well that night.

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