Counting down

So the long holiday weekend has come and gone. It was enjoyable and busy all at the same time.

We have finally accomplished 95% of the painting, the last room was the Kitchen which we tackled this past weekend. The walls on Saturday the ceiling on Sunday. This was one of the easier rooms since we just put on a coat of a very similar color, called Sweet Tomato, to the color that was on there.

We did manage to have some fun this weekend too. Friday the hubby and I went out to lunch, then we had dinner with the ex work wife. Saturday was our usual errands and haircuts. Sunday we were men on a mission, seems like we ran all over town on the hunt for some new curtains for 3 of the rooms.

After 5 stores an very few options, either due to not liking the pattern, not the style we want, or them being too expensive ($40 for a single panel)? The winner was JC Penny. They had the style and colors that go with the rooms, and the best part is we were able to order enough for the 3 rooms, plus we got the Cyber Monday pricing, free shipping, and they were only $17 a panel. The 2nd best part was she said delivery in 7 days we got them in 3.

It’s been a hectic week at work for me covering for another team member. I am glad tomorrow is Friday and my covering comes to an end. Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate one of them turning 40. Small group of us for drinks and dinner. It was much needed for me the few drinks I had to wash away the day.

The best part of my week of covering coming to an end is that means her week(ish) of covering me is upon us.

That’s right in just 5 short days we take off on our little mini vacation. We will both work a half day Tuesday, hop a plane to Miami, spend the night there and hop the cruise ship for 3 nights on Weds. Granted 3 nights is nowhere near a long enough cruise but it will be a fun time regardless. I hope to post either a quick typed post or at least pictures as we sail away from Miami. There will definitely be a little recap once we are back.


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