Counting down

So the long holiday weekend has come and gone. It was enjoyable and busy all at the same time.

We have finally accomplished 95% of the painting, the last room was the Kitchen which we tackled this past weekend. The walls on Saturday the ceiling on Sunday. This was one of the easier rooms since we just put on a coat of a very similar color, called Sweet Tomato, to the color that was on there.

We did manage to have some fun this weekend too. Friday the hubby and I went out to lunch, then we had dinner with the ex work wife. Saturday was our usual errands and haircuts. Sunday we were men on a mission, seems like we ran all over town on the hunt for some new curtains for 3 of the rooms.

After 5 stores an very few options, either due to not liking the pattern, not the style we want, or them being too expensive ($40 for a single panel)? The winner was JC Penny. They had the style and colors that go with the rooms, and the best part is we were able to order enough for the 3 rooms, plus we got the Cyber Monday pricing, free shipping, and they were only $17 a panel. The 2nd best part was she said delivery in 7 days we got them in 3.

It’s been a hectic week at work for me covering for another team member. I am glad tomorrow is Friday and my covering comes to an end. Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate one of them turning 40. Small group of us for drinks and dinner. It was much needed for me the few drinks I had to wash away the day.

The best part of my week of covering coming to an end is that means her week(ish) of covering me is upon us.

That’s right in just 5 short days we take off on our little mini vacation. We will both work a half day Tuesday, hop a plane to Miami, spend the night there and hop the cruise ship for 3 nights on Weds. Granted 3 nights is nowhere near a long enough cruise but it will be a fun time regardless. I hope to post either a quick typed post or at least pictures as we sail away from Miami. There will definitely be a little recap once we are back.

Thanksgiving in pictures

Started with a Mimosa


The annual Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Of course there was wine.



and Deep Fried Pickly Goodness.


Can’t forget the deep Fried Turkey (of which just the carcass is left which will make a lovely soup).


And more wine.


Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Bars




They were Delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Gobble Gobble.

Feed me Seymour

If you couldn’t tell by the title, this is going to be a food heavy post. I’m sure you won’t complain too much, after all tis the season for Food with Thanksgiving quickly approaching.

Let’s start with Thursday night, a fellow tweeter was in the state not far from us for some training for work. Both his and our schedules allowed it so we decided to meet up for dinner. Sean is just as lovely in person as he is on twitter. After a couple days of research, the town he was in isn’t well known for their culinary selections, we decided on a place called Little Pub.

This was my second trip here, the first being a few months prior with some other friends, but it was the hubbies first time. I think He was as impressed as I was with the food and the ambiance of the place.


I started with the Huckleberry Lemonade which was served in a mason jar. Très Chic.


As an appetizer I ordered the Eggplant Frites. They were so addictive I ate the whole plate.

The only issue I had with them was the red sauce that came with them was cold.


No picture of the burger I had but this was my second drink

A Moscow Mule. I must say I didn’t know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friday night the hubby and I stayed in and I made some pretty good waffles but the chicken didn’t come out the way I was hoping.

Saturday we got up and put the first of 2 coats of paint on the walls in the bedroom, the second coat went on after we got back from running our usual errands. The color is called Barley, it’s almost a dulce de leche or caramel color. It looks really nice and covered the old Wilton Blue that was on the walls. The worst part was sleeping in the double bed in the spare room. Thankfully that was only one night.

After our busy day we met the couple that hosts Gayme Night at the park and ride  and carpooled it down to Queens to meet another couple (I know what you are thinking, 6 queens in Queens) for dinner at Chifa, a Peruvian Chinese restaurant. Sam who is one half of the couple that planned the night is Peruvian so we were taking his word on how good it was going to be.


We started with the Wantan Frita


This was half of my meal the Lomo Asado

Chinese BBQ style roasted pork

Along with the pork I ordered the Ceviche de Pescado

It was Fabulous and acidic the fish was delicious and full of onions and cilantro.


For the table we ordered this plate of Chicken Fried Rice unbelievably this entire plate of rice was only $4.95. We all had some and there was still enough to take home for leftovers.

Sunday was more housework, putting the bedroom back together and some yard work for the hubby. Some groceries for the week, a few things for the house, some stuff for Thanksgiving, which happens to be the biggest food day of the year.

We will have the usual, Deep Fried Turkey and Mac and Cheese, along with all the other sides and baked Turkey. We will also be doing Deep Fried Pickles again, they have been a big hit the last few years. I’ll report more on that later in the week.

Here’s hoping the rest of the work week, Tuesday and Wednesday are kind to everyone. I for one am hoping for a half day Wednesday, to make the long weekend even longer. I rather enjoy having the Friday after Turkey day off, but you won’t find me shopping that’s for sure.

So to all of my American readers I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Joyous Black Friday.

Blowing in the wind

Oh Sandy!

And no I don’t mean my doggie Sandy (isn’t she cute?), going to be 13 on Christmas day.

Sandy blew into town and thankfully blew out of town quickly and with minimal damage here. We had a few branches come down and some fence panels blow loose but that was the bulk of it. The Mothership surprised us all and closed the offices on Monday and Tuesday, but since I had a laptop I worked from home.  This made for a very weird week and month end. 2 days home 3 days in the office, then another storm forecast for the following week.

The Frankenstorm as they took to calling it was forecast for the Wednesday after Halloween, which had been canceled due to Sandy. What I thought was supposed to be Rain down near the office and a bit of snow at home was way off the mark. We had an offsite meeting Weds morning at a hotel that sits in front of our office. I thought nothing of it and walked over. During the meeting I could see out the window and watch the snowflakes start to fall.

I had a feeling panic would set in and I was right. Slowly but surely everyone in my dept trickled out of the office going home cause of the snow. Now we live in New England, snow is a natural occurrence in the winter (granted Nov is technically not winter) but honestly we all should know how to drive in it. Now I am usually one of the last to panic over some snow, but I was mad at myself for not believing the weather man and putting gloves and a snow brush in my car.

What I did have was my lunch bag and the Drum major Baton I used the last 3 years so I made do with what I had and cleaned off the car. My manager came over about 4:15 and told me to go home. I was 1 of 3 in my dept who hadn’t left yet. The drive home wasn’t terrible, I honestly think by waiting I avoided everyone else leaving early. Since drum corps was canceled (this makes 2 weeks in a row due to weather), the hubby and I hunkered in for the night.

It was good to finally see 2 crazy work weeks come to an end.

Yesterday we had lunch plans with our 2 favorite out of town friends. It has been a long time since we have seen them, we figure it was back in June for their wedding. We love meeting Walt and Ken for lunch at our favorite restaurant. We have such a good time with them. This time was no exception, they even managed to convince us to join them on a short 3 night cruise in 3 weeks. So the hubby and I thought it about while we ran our errands, came home and did some research and decided we were going.

Now 3 nights will not be nearly long enough, so we are still looking at planning another longer cruise for March or April. This would make 3 cruises in less than a year since I am still in the planning stages of the Drum Corps Cruise for next Sept for our Anniversary celebration.

So I guess we have much to look forward to between now and the end of the year. Thanksgiving, the Cruise, another Straight No Chaser concert, a Cabaret show, Christmas, and New Years. Whew I feel tired already.