Sunrise Sunset

I wish I could say there have been some beautiful sunrises and sunsets but the weather has been rainy and foggy for days. It is supposed to break I think tomorrow but then I get my weather info by looking out the window.

When we last left I was waxing poetic about my ten year anniversary of my cancer surgery. So let’s get things back to an upbeat tempo.

Drum Corps marching season has come to a close, and rehearsal season is in full swing. On Sept 22 we had the honor of performing at the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall. It is a 3/4 replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC. We performed 4 songs prior to the opening ceremony for that Saturday. Some pictures below are ones I took of visiting the wall later in the day.




Later that evening we were invited to a friends house for what he has dubbed Septemberfest. We had fun just hanging out and eating and chatting around the bonfire. And of course silly pictures were forced to be taken.


Last weekend was the final performance for the drum corps for the 2012 season. We boarded a bus at 8am and drove 2 hours north to the Eastern States Exposition or The BIG E as it is referred to. This is an annual Fair that takes place for roughly 2 1/2 weeks in September. Each day is dedicated to a different state or group. The fairgrounds are permanent and the main strip contains replicas of the State Capital Buildings from the 6 States in New England. To give you a gauge of how popular the fair is Opening Day Sept 14 had 68,533 people in attendance, closing day Sept 30 had 77,705 people in attendance. The lowest attended day was Tuesday Sept 18 with 13,424, the Highest attended day was Sat Sept 22 with 164,281 people in attendance. The day we attended there were 101,477 people there.



Another must see item at the fair is the Butter Sculpture.


I managed to get a picture of the Marine Corps Band that was there the same day.

Aside from spending the day there eating and shopping for fabulous as seen on TV stuff, we were there to march in the 5pm Mardi Gras Parade. The crowd the entire parade route had to be 10-20 people deep for the entire 2 miles. It was a good way to end the season.


My Lunch was this fabulous dish. Pulled Pork Parfait. Baked Beans topped with Pulled Pork and BBQ Sauce.

After a couple months off we started back up with our Rotating Brunch get together. This time we made it a field trip to a local restaurant that does a pretty good Sunday Brunch. Aside from the never ending Bellinis I had the Frittata special. It had spinach and was topped with hot sopressata and cheese.



The socializing spilled into sunday night with a small get together at a friends house, then the Monday night Social group.

Last night was Drum Corps rehearsal and while the Fifes and Bells were outside during sectional rehearsal I snapped this pic from underneath the arbor listening to them. The streetlight and the fog make this whole picture.



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