Tune in next time

When you’ll hear Nurse Piggy say..

So there is no Nurse Piggy. And there is no good excuse for my lack of blogging other than its been busy nights and busy days.

So after the fabulous concert a couple weeks ago social things slowed down. We celebrates Moms birthday and gave my parents a reason to use the newly expanded deck. Another month end came and went at the office.

Labor day weekend we did more spackling and painting. Sunday between coats of paint we meg some friends for lunch and a lovely afternoon at a local winery. The food was delicious but then it always is at The American Pie Cafe. I had one of their specials, Munich Eggs Benedict. Poached Eggs on top of Bratwurst on top of potato Pancakes covered in Hollandaise. Oh my word.

On Labor Day we did manage to spend a nice afternoon with our friends who host Gayme Night. It was good to get some time with them without a large group.

That same week Drum Corps rehearsals started back up. We only have 3 more turn outs for the season until next May. I hope these last 3 aren’t nearly as bad as the parade from last weekend. I don’t recall there being rain in the forecast but oh was there rain.

The hubby was supposed to go with me and watch the niece but since it down poured earlier in the morning and wasn’t supposed stop until Sunday he was just as happy keeping them at our house. He and the niece and nephew went out for lunch. Those of us at the parade crashed a 5 year olds birthday party. We were milling about at the parade line up when the skies opened. We sought shelter in a garage of the nice house. Along with a dry spot out of the rain we got chips, salsa, guacamole, soda, towels, offered a pizza and wonderful hospitality from strangers. We passed on the pizza and played them a song just before lining up and marching. At this time the rain had stopped, but not for long. About halfway through the parade it poured again.

After the parade the hubby and I went to Gayme Night. It was a smaller crowd this month but still a good time. We played Cards Against Humanity again and a game that The Game Night Guys podcast had let me borrow called Faggles to Faggles. The only words I can use to describe are Awesomely Dirty.

Sunday was errands day and then we started the week all over again. It’s another drum corps rehearsal night last night. We have a parade coming up Sunday that looks to be a long one. A trip into the city Saturday night but score that a Doggie Meet and Greet. We need to find foster Buzz a home.


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