Another one in books

It’s been a week. A good week but a week none the less.

As I mentioned in my last post we were going out to dinner with my parents for their anniversary. It was a nice night and good to spend some time without the rest of the siblings. My Mom decided she wanted to try a new restaurant that opened a few weeks ago, a Steak and Seafood place. This is a new restaurant but the owner/manager is related to another local restaurant which has a great reputation so we had semi high expectations.

I started with the Meat Ball trio appetizer, the presentation was nice and the meatballs were really good.

For my entree I had to order the Short Ribs. I  love short ribs but never seem to be able to cook them at home as well as they do at restaurants.

Naturally dessert was in order since it was a special occasion, this was the Chocolate Mousse.

Saturday night was another parade night for us. As is usual for this particular fire dept we marched for we were near the tail end of the parade. The parade started at 5:30 we were done around 7:30 so the sun had mostly set and the heat was bearable.

We have finally started the painting project in the house. I will be doing before and after shots once we have finished. The paint was purchased last weekend and Sunday afternoon I washed down all the walls and did the taping prep so that Monday night we could actually get paint on the walls. We did one coat on Monday night then a 2nd coat on Weds night so we are mostly done with half of 1 room. There are 2 rooms connected by a large doorway that we are carrying the same paint combinations through. I think it will look really good once we are done, but more painting is on the horizon for this weekend.

Tuesday night the Hubby watched our niece and nephew while my brother and I were at the final rehearsal for the Drum Corps Concert on the Green. The concert was last night and I am happy to say it went very well. Since I am not a playing member of the group just the Drum Major, I acted as MC for the evening. Our musical director conducted the 10 songs while I read snippets of Corps history and facts about the songs we were playing. Public speaking is not high on my list of things I enjoy, but others said I did very well.

This week we also had a visitor arrive at the house for a short stay. Buzz is our 6th foster greyhound we have had in the last 2 years. We had originally planned to take a slight break (which we did for a couple months) but they were in need of some homes so we decided we could take him in. So far he has settled in nicely although he has only been with us since Wednesday night.

The weekend looks to be shaping up nicely. Saturday night we have tickets to go see one of my favorite singing groups Straight No Chaser. They are an all male A Cappella group. The concert is at an outdoor arena at the local college. We have actual seats where as others (including my best girlfriend) have seats out on the lawn. It feels like forever ago when I purchased these tickets, I think it was back in March. Fan Club pre orders are the best!

Sunday is Moms Birthday and her and my Dad are using it as an opportunity to christen the new Deck they built. Well OK they didn’t build it my uncle did, and it was more of an expansion than a brand new deck. It should be nice now that we won’t all be squished together, with 5 siblings, spouses, and grandkids it can get crowded.

That’s all I’ve got for now, catch you on the flip side.



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