It’s oh so quiet

Surprisingly I haven’t really had a lot to say. Not too much exciting has been happening. Guess I’ll give a quick rundown.
We cam back from Grapehounds, with plenty to restock the wine shelves with. The pups I think have finally recovered. We had the floors refinished while we were gone, made send 2 months ago. No one here not even the dogs, it became not a good idea as we spent 3 nights moving every last piece of furniture and inside doors out of the living area.

I will say though the idea turned back to good when I saw how great they came out.

A quick 2 days at work then the Hubby and I attended a Company Family Picnic sponsored by The Mothership. The worst part was the bus ride home from New Jersey. The best part? Getting paid to Eat and lounge by a pool all day.

Last week the Hubby had to go down to visit his Mom who was having surgery. All went well but the puppies and I missed him. While he was gone I had 1 parade to keep me busy. Found out later that night that we Won Best Overall Musical Unit. This was a good deal going into our next parade last Friday which was a convention. I haven’t heard if we won any trophies or how our fire dept did either.
Saturday was our friends Monthly Gayme Night. This one marked the 3rd Anniversary. The hosts decided they wanted to do a meal and start and hour earlier. The Hubby made his fabulous Smoked Pork and I made a Brownie, butterscotch pudding Trifle. It got rave reviews and no one (but a select few) knew it was Gluten Free and the pudding made with Almond Milk so it was healthier.

Along with the food, I bought a new game to play. I had heard of Cards Against Humanity on a podcast I listen to called The Game Night Guys. The game was a huge hit and will be a staple at future game nights I’m sure.

Sunday the hubby did a little weeding then off we went to the Home Improvement stores to look at paint. We have also now decided since the house is empty (still) we may as well paint the rooms. Not sure when we will finish, since we haven’t started yet.
Today was chock full of excitement as not only did I have my Mid Year Review, but the Traveling Sundae Bus stopped by for an afternoon Ice Cream Sundae break.

Friday night we are expanding our usual date night to join my parents for dinner for their 39th Anniversary. Saturday night is another parade. Let’s hope the humidity stays at bay for a while, those uniforms get hot!

That’s about it for now….comment if you like or not.

I’ll leave you with a self pic from late in the night of Gayme Night.


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