Grapehounds Day 3

This year we decided to stay until Monday morning instead of leaving on Sunday. The event organizer also decided to offer more to keep people here.

Fulkerson Winery played host to The Grapehounds participants as well as offering tours of the Vineyard. The owners son, who is the 7th generation in the family to run the winery, was the one who gave us the tour as well as history of the area and his family.

It was interesting to hear what goes into the growing of the grapes in order to get the delicious delicious wines. Fulkerson grows about 28 different varieties of grape from Riesling to Concord. They still supply a small amount of grapes to Welchs.




After the vineyard tour we dropped the puppies off at the Hotel and headed over the Corning Museum of Glass. We found out on our cruise back in April that we could get free admission using our cruise sea pass card. Celebrity still has on some of their ships a Hot Glass Show provided by The Corning Museum.

There were quite a few interesting pieces and quite a few boring ones. We enjoyed walking around and looking at everything and snapping a few pictures. We didn’t sit in on any of the glass blowing shows but we did see 2 of the glass artists who did the shows in the cruise ship.






Once again it was time to get our wine on. We had 2 tasting tickets left so we stopped at one of our favorite wineries on the west side of Seneca Lake, Lakewood Vineyards. We don’t just like this place for the delicious wines but also for the funny guys who conduct the tastings. I believe that are the sons of the winery owners but I don’t remember.


The last stop of the day/weekend was at a winery that wasn’t participating in the Grapehounds weekend but since we didn’t have the dogs we decided to squeeze in 2 more tastings. Torrey Ridge Winery and Earle Estates Meadery are sister wineries that share property and have connected buildings. The signature wines from Torrey Ridge have a Redneck theme to them. They were pretty good too. The Meads we tasted had a nice honey fruity flavor and were a good way to end the weekend.

After a brief respite back in the motel room with a cheese plate and some more wine we decided it was time to head out for some dinner.

20120730-135053.jpg the cheeses were bought at the Cheese Festival on Saturday, locally made, and absolutely delicious.

Our last meal of the weekend was at The Wildflower Cafe which is part of the Roosterfish Brewing company. I had researched places to eat and this was high on the list of places I found on Yelp! I had a wonderful glass of Lakewood Niagara wine and the Catfish Tacos. Of course no meal is complete so we stopped for ice cream before heading back to the motel.




That concludes Grapehounds 2012. We are in the car driving home as I type this . We stopped in Owego, NY for lunch at this delicious taqueria. Las Chicas Taqueria is located in what I believe is downtown Owego. The good here was fabulous. There was a small outdoor patio area just outside the restaurant where we sat with the dogs and enjoyed the view and our lunch.




We are about halfway home. So I will bid you adieu for now. If anything exciting happens I’ll let ya know.

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