Grapehounds Day 2

Day 2 started off the same as yesterday, rainy and overcast but still rather warm. There one common theme around this area I’ve noticed and it’s a lack of good breakfast. We tried the another of the “family restaurants” I found on Yelp! and was not overwhelmed. Breakfast is the most simple of meals but I’ve found them to be boring.

Our first stop of the day was back to The host winery to visit the vendors and do our non-wine shopping. The hubby picked up a couple decals for the car and a t-shirt. I had my eye on some stained glass pieces to go with the 2 we have at home. Below is one of the items I got. I didn’t get a pic of the other outside piece yet.

From the host winery we drove north to one of the wineries we’ve visited and like in previous years. Standing Stone Vineyards has a large tasting room and some nice ladies that do the tastings. We went there specifically for their ice wines.

Next up was a new winery to us Hector Wine Company. As we were chatting with the woman pouring our tasting we found out she lived a few years ago 2 towns over from where we live. Small world. This was the second winery that was offering a bottle with a label specific to the Grapehounds Weekend. Another couple bottles found their way into the car and then off we went.

The final winery for the day was one of our favorites from last year and my how they’ve grown. J.R. Dill first participated in the weekend last year since then they’ve added a beautiful deck and started offering a small lunch menu out of trailer in the parking lot. Aside from the awesome lady who poured for us, who also remembered us from last year, and the cute guy serving the food, I met the owner. Jeff was out on the floor pouring tastings along side everyone else.

After the tasting we went out and ordered some lunch and sat out on the deck of the winery and enjoyed the view. We were joined by some locals that had a Rhodesian Ridgeback that may or not have been pregnant. They were nice enough but I knew way too much about them than I cared too. We also were serenaded by some guy singing Car-e-okie.

Since it was still early enough in the afternoon we were able to stop over to the Cheese Festival at Shtayburne Farm. There was quite the crowd when we arrived which was surprising. From what I was over hearing the Festival was a bigger success than anyone had anticipated. A few of the cheese vendors had even run out of cheese to sample and sell.

We walked around and saw the sights. Spent a little time talking to the Alpaca owners and admired the handcrafted alpaca wool blankets and such. There were 3 Alpacas in the tent one of which was a rare Giraffe colored one, spots and all. We walked away with 3 different cheeses, Olive oil and herb curds, bacon cheddar, and a third one I cant recall the type of.

Back to the hotel for a quick rest and a couple glasses of wine and then it was off to dinner. We had a wonderful meal with some of the other people from our Greyhound adoption group at Seneca Harbor Station. It was nice to regroup with them and enjoy a meal and compare some notes about the weekend. The other 3 families pack up and head home tomorrow, while we have another full day here planned before we head home Monday.

I leave you with a couple pictures of the view we had at dinner out on the restaurants patio.



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