Grapehounds Night 1

Well really it’s day 1 and 1/2 since yesterday was our travel day.

The drive up was pretty uneventful. Not a lot of traffic, though there were quite a few cops out on the highway. We arrived mid afternoon and had a couple hours to kill before the welcome reception started at the Thursday night host winery. About an hour or so before the reception started this crazy storm blew into town.

Just south of us they even had tornado warnings. So being unsure of what the weather and crowd would be like at the winery we left the puppies in the hotel and headed over to meet the others from our adoption group who were in town for the event and get check in and pick up our welcome packet and wine glasses. After a couple glasses of wine and some visiting with the others we headed on out to get some dinner.

We planned out dinner based on the fact we were going to be on the same side of the lake and about 10 minutes driving distance from one of our favorite finds from last year. Dano’s on Seneca is a fabulous Alsatian restaurant. We had been there for lunch but wanted to definitely get back there this year so figured dinner Thursday night would be the perfect opportunity. We both ordered the special of the night the Viennese Bento Box.


The food was fabulous. Since we had both ordered the same thing a woman I think is one of the owners came and asked if we would like them to make the 2 slightly different with the sides. We of course said yes! After dinner we decided to stop on our way through town for ice cream. All in all it was a good travel day and a great first night.

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