I blame the cosmos

No not the drink, the other Cosmos.

It’s been a hectic week here. What looked to be a normal run of the mill week very quickly went into a downward spiral on Wednesday. There we were minding our own business working away, when a thunderstorm blew into town. Normally this wouldn’t be too bad, I don’t mind a little rain while I am sitting at the office. But Noooooo, this storm had to go and knock the power out at home at around 3pm.

I can say the best part of it was that I didn’t have to cook dinner, the worst part was that the storm did little to cool things down, and no power meant no Central Air, or even a Fan to circulate the air. So up went all the windows, then the Hubby and I headed off to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. This time we honestly didn’t mind the almost hour wait since we had nowhere to be. After our lovely dinner Margarita included, we headed home to the dark house and the puppies. To be sure we would awaken if/when the power came back in during the night we turned on the overhead light. Around 11pm the lights came on and we sprung out of bed to close all the windows and be sure the AC was running.

For some reason I think Thursday was just a quiet night at home. Can’t recall anything special about it.

Friday Night was Date Night, and one of our local favorite places was having Lobster Fest again. We missed it the weekend before, and were happy to see they were once again having the special. It was even better since we are on the email list we were offered a discount on the meal. We both ordered the 2 Lobsters special and I washed mine down with a couple margaritas.


Saturday was my youngest brothers and sister-in-law’s Housewarming party. The Hubby volunteered to bring some smoked pulled pork, and I felt the urge to do some baking and bring a dessert. My sister-in-law is gluten free, and the Hubby and I have been off wheat for a few months as well, so I found this fabulous gluten free recipe that includes one of my favorite things Nutella! 1 Bowl + 5 ingredients + 12 minutes bake time = 100% deliciousness.



They were a Huge Hit and when we went to pack up our stuff there were only 3 left, though I am quite sure someone snatched them up. These will definitely be made again. My SIL knows the important parts of a party, Jello Shots!




As a gift to them we bought a Cocktail Shaker and a set of 4 Martini Glasses. Which I put to very good use at the party.

Now we get to the “fun” part of the weekend. Emptying things from the house so we can the hard wood floors refinished. We managed to get 1 complete room emptied, 2 other rooms mostly emptied. Some things can’t be moved since we still need to “live” there until they start working Thursday. It was tiring work but will be well worth it in the end to see the floors shining. After we reached a point where we were ready to call it quits on emptying the house, we went out into the sunshine and mowed the lawn.

Naturally we had to balance the work with some fun. Sunday night we headed out to meet our friends to see their new abode and go out for a night on the town. Robert and Daniel moved to the state back in December, and invited us to beautiful downtown New Haven for dinner, we were joined by another friend Steven as well. Since this is their turf I left it up to them to decide where we were going to go. They are located within walking distance to what seemed like a ton of restaurants.

The first place we were going to go, which had fabulous outdoor seating, ended up having a private party on the patio. Well then let’s go to option #2 a few doors down. Wrong! The place was packed and the noise level a bit overwhelming, which seriously makes for a bad experience in my book.

That left us with option #3 which turned out to be absolutely wonderful. We ended up at Pacifico Restaurants. The restaurant was very cute inside, and though not busy at all. We ended having a nice table in the corner of the upstairs, it seemed more like we had the entire upstairs to ourselves since we were the only ones sitting up there.

Pacifico is described as serving extraordinary Nuevo-Latino Seafood cuisine, and they would be right. 3 of us ordered the same meal Pacifico Grilled Parillada which we agreed is Mexican for Big Plate o’Meat.
It came with Nuevo latino grilled skirt steak , jumbo shrimp, chicken and colombian chorizo served with yucca fries ,mushroom chimchurri and saffron mojito sauce. I didn’t leave a single morsel on my plate the flavors were that good.

After dinner we decided to head on over to one of the local gay bars for a drink and to see what was going on. The place seemed kinda empty inside, we ordered our drinks, and decided to see what was happening out on the patio. This seemed to be where everyone was hanging out. Can’t blame them as it was a beautiful night out. Aside from the company, the 2nd best part of the night happened while we were wandering out to the patio. We had to walk through the bar area to the back to get out and as we were walking out the door to the patio I see a cute guy look at me and just say Hubba, I was completely caught off guard and smiled at him, I know I should have said Hi or at least Thank you.

Consider this your warning, I have a parade Weds night then Thursday we leave for our fabulous wine tour weekend in upstate new york. I am going to do my best to post every night of the days activities.

Happy Monday!



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