Winning isn’t everything

But it sure does feel nice when we do.

It’s been quiet week around these parts. Nothing much to report about.

We had an enjoyable post Fourth of July weekend lounging in the pool, we also spent that Saturday with our friend shopping and a nice lunch. We brought them to one of our favorite places (which I am sure you have heard me mention MANY times) the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park, NY. These friends happen to live very close to the 2nd location that the owners opened but they agree that the original is still the best.

We went to the monthly Social night last week, the attendance was a little less this month but there were a couple other things going on that night. The restaurant in which we have the social has recently come under new management. This could either go well or not. Based on what we saw and ate I am pretty sure things will go well. They were super excited to continue hosting the social. They also have a new menu, and from what I saw and ate, this is a great change.

Tuesday was a fun day at work as I was invited to sit in on a customer visit for one of the accounts that I manage. It was nice to get away from my desk for a couple hours and even better was I was asked to also join them for lunch!

Weds evening since we hadn’t had a parade in about 2 weeks it was decided there would be a night for the Drum Corps to get together and play a few songs in preparation for the 2 parades we had later that week and the upcoming Concert we will be doing in August. I am not sure of the logistics of it but we will be performing on the town green.

Thursday evening I had the pleasure of meeting one of my twitter followers. TruckerAlex is just that, a Trucker from South Carolina, and he happened to be making a delivery in our fair state and would be driving through our town to get to his final destination. He tweeted me and said, I’m going here, is that near you? I told him it was on his way there, so we made plans to meet for dinner. It really was a pleasure to meet him, we visited for what seemed like days, but was really only about 2 hours or so. I would definitely meet up with him again if he travels through.

Friday night was the first of our 2 parades this weekend. This one isn’t usually too bad but it was humid, and for some reason didn’t move at the pace it should have. The post parade beer garden (or bull pen as we call it) is in the parking lot a church. Before the parade The Hubby and I had dinner with my Mom, Sister (who is also in the Corps) and My ALA (Alternative Lifestyle Assistant). The ALA is a great cheerleader for the Corps and attends as many parades as she can. I was a tired hot mess post parade, the black uniform doesn’t really help much either. On our way home from the parade I convinced the hubby to go for some Frozen Yogurt, it was Yummy!

Saturday was our usual day of shopping, was a short one, just Costco and Shoprite for groceries, with a couple stops to price out some new basement windows. After a quick lunch and a little relaxing, I packed up my stuff and headed out for the 2nd parade of the weekend. The Hubby stayed home and went to Gayme Night at our friends, which I joined him at after. The parade was 70 miles away, about an hour and half drive through NY to the PA border. It was a lonely drive but I had my iPhone on shuffle to keep me company. It was another hot and humid afternoon and not a lot of shade. Although we were missing a few members due to vacations and other obligations and being in the 3rd division, we managed to WIN Best Overall. I am excited to see what the Trophy looks like, they were on the back of a pickup truck in the parade but I not sure which one is ours.

Once we finished marching, I did a quick change in the field where I parked and headed out to meet up with everyone at Gayme night. It was fun as always and was nice to see everyone and meet some of the new faces that showed up. I’m not sure if it was due to being hungry, the 2 drinks I downed or the fact I arrived late but the night flew by and next thing I know it’s time to go home. I didn’t sleep very well as the dog we are housesitting was up and down all night.

Which brings us back around to the weekend ending. We did some work in the yard yesterday morning rebuilding the rose arbor. The Hubby needed to pull up the cement supports he poured 2 weeks ago and redo them as his original plan for the posts wasn’t going to work. We really worked up a sweat but the new supports are in and the cement is curing. I think this will work but then I am not very handy when it comes to stuff like this so we will see.

Although it was hot and humid out since we have our new HVAC system I wasn’t the least bit concerned with doing some baking. The first order of business was the Fiadone, a Corsican Dessert, this was my 2nd attempt making this. I learned some lessons from the first go round. The first revision I made was to make a double batch and bake it in a round cake pan since I do not have a square one. Maybe next time I will try the square silicone pan instead of the metal one. The best part of this dessert is the simpleness of it, but man is it delicious.

I also got a little adventurous with some pushing from The Hubby to make some homemade peanut butter cups. These were actually easier than I thought they would be, and super delicious.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the last 2 episodes of season 2  of Game of Thrones. All I can say about that series is WOW. There is so much happening and so much to keep track of but the show is great! Then we watched a couple movies, In Time (a Justin Timberlake film) and John Carter. They were just ok nothing fabulous really.

Guess that catches you up on what hasn’t been going on. I leave you with a pic I took not too long ago of the Sun Flowers we have growing in the yard, just to give you a day brightener.

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