The extra effort

If I put in as much effort into writing my half year work review as I do to this blog, I would be filling out that form instead of updating you all on my shenanigans.

We will get back to the fact I am in no mood to “self evaluate” at work, instead I’ll do something I enjoy. It’s been a week and a half or so since my last post. Month end at work came and went last Friday. Nothing catastrophic happened, I left on time, went home and the Hubby and I babysat our niece for the night. We went and did some shopping then dinner out. My brother picked her up the next morning and we went on our way with errands. We then spent a bit of time floating in the pool on Saturday, it was lovely. We did a little more floating in the pool on Sunday too after we did some yard stuff we have put off. The tomato’s needed caging and the hubby worked on the new Rose Arbor we need to install.

The best part about last weekend getting here was the fact that the July 4th Holiday was that much closer, and the fact that I decided to take Monday and Tuesday before the holiday off. I was originally going to plan to work from home on Monday as I had a Dr Appointment scheduled for mid morning. Then I got worried, after last years day before the 4th of July holiday where we sat at the office til 5pm, we would end up doing the same thing this year. So I took the days off and did a lot of nothing.

Monday was my appointment, I went there, brought the hubby lunch and floated in the pool, surprise surprise. We were supposed to go to the Monthly Social Night on Monday but they ended up postponing it until this coming Monday. Tuesday I got up mowed the lawn and then started to do some food prep for our mini July 4th picnic. That took up most of the morning, shredding cabbage for coleslaw and Kimchi. The hubby came home from work early, we ran out to the lumber supply store for the rest of the Rose Arbor pieces. Tuesday night my Brother came over to run some electrical and help The Hubby install a ceiling fan outside in our Breezeway. The fan works great and really does help to circulate the stuffy air.

Early Weds morning I heard and saw that there was a thunderstorm. The forecast changed it seemed like everyday on what the weather actually would be. More food prep in the morning, I made 2 different desserts for the picnic and just did the last minute stuff. Then everyone arrived and the Weather was perfect for Swimming and Drinking, and Swimming, and Drinking and Eating and Drinking. The pool temp was about 86 the entire afternoon. We had a great time hanging out, so great that it was around 10pm when everyone left. The food was fabulous as was the company.

Coming back to work yesterday was difficult. I didn’t sleep well Weds night, I think it was the combo of all the Sun, Fun, and Frivolity we had just made it difficult to fall asleep. Well that and the idiot neighbor with the damn fireworks at 11pm, keeping both me and the Dog up. The morning was busy but as I suspected the afternoon slowed and dragged. We had some last minute dinner plans last night to meet a Twitter Friend who was driving through on his way to the other side of the state. It was a pleasure to meet him and share a nice meal before sending him on his way.

It’s going to be a quiet weekend I think, usual errands, maybe some pool time, lunch with friends. Maybe I can convince the hubby to go see Magic Mike tonight or tomorrow.

Well since I’m done here writing the fun stuff, I should probably attempt my Self evaluation since it’s due by EOD Monday…..



3 thoughts on “The extra effort

  1. cb says:

    yeah, you get fun and “frivolity” and I get two goddamn parades in uniform to march in the record-breaking heat.


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