Dogs, Family, and YES there was cake

Whew! I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

Friday night the Hubby and I had a fabulous dinner out at a local Peruvian restaurant with the Former Work Wife and The Gal Pal. The food was outstanding and the company was fun. They 3 of them all ordered Ceviche which looked delicious. I went with the special of the night, Steak with Shrimp sauce. What I was expecting and what was brought to the table and what I was expecting were so far apart I was thrilled. The steak was topped with at least half a dozen shrimp then smothered in this wonderful sauce. I washed it down with 3 Strong margaritas. I think the waiter liked me.

We went to bed Friday night to the sounds of rain, I was worried what that would mean for the 12th annual Greyhound Picnic on Saturday but my fears were allayed when I awoke to the Sun shining. The Picnic is always a great time and this year was no exception. Along with seeing all of the greyhounds and their servants, there was the Silent Auction, Chinese Raffle and 50/50 raffle. The picnic is used not only as a thank you for the volunteers who give their time during the year at Meet & Greet’s but it is also a major fundraiser for the Medical Fund.

The weather was gorgeous with a slight breeze blowing the entire day. Lunch was served and the raffles were in full swing. I lucked out this year and won 2 of the Chinese Raffle items I had put my tickets in for. This year though I didn’t bid on any of the silent auction items. I didn’t win the 50/50 either, the winner of which walked away with roughly $3,000. A good time was had by all humans and pups alike.

After the Greyhound picnic, we dropped the tired puppies off at home, grabbed the cooler of meat the hubby smoked overnight Friday, and headed off to my youngest brothers house for my Dad’s birthday party. My brother and his wife just moved into their new house a couple months ago so this was the first big gathering they had. It was nice to be a guest at a picnic and not the hosts. The food was great, the company was awesome, and I had some lovely drinks.

Sunday was going to be the day to relax. We did our morning errands, the usual places Costco and Shoprite. Then after a quick nap we decided it was time for the inaugural dip in the pool.  the water was 85 thanks to the close to 100 degree weather we had on Wed and Thursday. It was refreshing to just soak in the pool and enjoy a drink or 4.  The hubby grilled some steaks for dinner, we had some relaxing couch time then bed and the start to another work week. Looking forward to the Holiday next week, though it being on a Weds isn’t very exciting. No parades for 3 weeks so no reports on marching for a while.



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