Something old, something green

I have been lax in my writing. Not for any other reason than I just haven’t sat down to this here blog to run at the mouth.

Memorial Day week was nothing eventful, our houseguest that had arrived the week before left on Weds. The week just kinda rolled along. I always find that the short weeks ALWAYS feel like the longest when it comes to work. It didn’t help that it was month end as well.

Last weekend one of my dear friends Walt and his husband Ken tied the knot. Now after 18 years I say it’s about damn time but things in his life within the past year made this journey a difficult one. We were lucky enough to be able to attend the post wedding party and share in their joy.

It was a quick overnight trip up to where they live, party party party, sleep, enjoy a leisurely breakfast with them and some of the other out of town guests, then a crappy drive home in the rain and thunder on Sunday afternoon. Some of their out of town houseguests were some other friends Freddy and Jed and their 2 boys (who are cute as all get out). We hadn’t yet met the boys, and it has been a few years since we had seen Freddy and Jed.

It was a wonderful time and I wish Walt and Ken many many more years of happiness, or just liking or tolerating each other.

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a new local monthly Social Night. This was the 2nd such event, the first one we missed last month. We had a really great time meeting a bunch of new people. The organizers of the event were really happy with the turnout as well. I believe this will be a new event for us, although it happens to be on a Monday night which is a school night, I think we can still have a good time and not over due it.

This week is heavy on the Drum Corps activities. I have a parade Weds night and Saturday afternoon and then a Flag Day Ceremony on Sunday. Saturday also happens to be Gayme Night, and Sunday is our turn at hosting the Revolving Brunch so the socializing will continue.

That’s about it to report here, wish it were more exciting!


5 thoughts on “Something old, something green

  1. ThatPeterG says:

    Husband & I joined a local Social Night gay group, but have we ever attended? No! Gotta make it happen….

  2. I’m so happy you guys were able to come to the grand gala (aka frat house party!!) I’m sorry you hit the storms on the way home, though.

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