Dogs, Family, and YES there was cake

Whew! I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

Friday night the Hubby and I had a fabulous dinner out at a local Peruvian restaurant with the Former Work Wife and The Gal Pal. The food was outstanding and the company was fun. They 3 of them all ordered Ceviche which looked delicious. I went with the special of the night, Steak with Shrimp sauce. What I was expecting and what was brought to the table and what I was expecting were so far apart I was thrilled. The steak was topped with at least half a dozen shrimp then smothered in this wonderful sauce. I washed it down with 3 Strong margaritas. I think the waiter liked me.

We went to bed Friday night to the sounds of rain, I was worried what that would mean for the 12th annual Greyhound Picnic on Saturday but my fears were allayed when I awoke to the Sun shining. The Picnic is always a great time and this year was no exception. Along with seeing all of the greyhounds and their servants, there was the Silent Auction, Chinese Raffle and 50/50 raffle. The picnic is used not only as a thank you for the volunteers who give their time during the year at Meet & Greet’s but it is also a major fundraiser for the Medical Fund.

The weather was gorgeous with a slight breeze blowing the entire day. Lunch was served and the raffles were in full swing. I lucked out this year and won 2 of the Chinese Raffle items I had put my tickets in for. This year though I didn’t bid on any of the silent auction items. I didn’t win the 50/50 either, the winner of which walked away with roughly $3,000. A good time was had by all humans and pups alike.

After the Greyhound picnic, we dropped the tired puppies off at home, grabbed the cooler of meat the hubby smoked overnight Friday, and headed off to my youngest brothers house for my Dad’s birthday party. My brother and his wife just moved into their new house a couple months ago so this was the first big gathering they had. It was nice to be a guest at a picnic and not the hosts. The food was great, the company was awesome, and I had some lovely drinks.

Sunday was going to be the day to relax. We did our morning errands, the usual places Costco and Shoprite. Then after a quick nap we decided it was time for the inaugural dip in the pool.  the water was 85 thanks to the close to 100 degree weather we had on Wed and Thursday. It was refreshing to just soak in the pool and enjoy a drink or 4.  The hubby grilled some steaks for dinner, we had some relaxing couch time then bed and the start to another work week. Looking forward to the Holiday next week, though it being on a Weds isn’t very exciting. No parades for 3 weeks so no reports on marching for a while.


Back in Glenn’s day

The title of this post seemed to be the running gag at our friends Fabulous 50th Birthday party. Saturday was the big day, and Glenn invited practically everyone he knew. He wanted to do what he enjoyed to celebrate this milestone and that included Comedy and Friends.

Our day started with a quick Greyhound Meet & Greet in the morning. We do roughly 2 of these a month to spread the word of Greyhound adoption, though in the summer we cut back only because it is too hot for the dogs to be out. After the M&G we packed up the car, grabbed The Girlfriend, and on the road again we went. A quick stop to pick up another friend, and we were on our way to New York City.

It’s always an adventure when venturing into New York. We parked the car then walked the 3 blocks over to the Comedy club where the party and show were being held. It was a fun afternoon of eating and drinking, all courtesy of the Birthday Boy and his Husband. The best part was getting to see a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in months, some years.

At 5:00 the lights were dimmed and the Comedy began. Glenn has been a member of ComedySportz® for many years, both in Los Angeles and New York. From the website ComedySportz® is described as:

It’s not stand-up comedy about sports,
it’s improv comedy played as a sport.

ComedySportz® is fast-paced, family-friendly improvisational comedy, played as a sport. Two teams take turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs – and the audience votes on which team they like the best. It’s all presided over by a referee, who keeps things moving, calls the ComedySportz® fouls and takes suggestions shouted out by the audience before each game.

Some of the other players we have seen before and others were brand new to the group and to us. One of my favorites was Amelia, she just had it all going for her. The show was spectacular as always, they played some good games, some so-so games, and then the final game was “Back in Glenns’ Day”, which was a take off on the normal game Back In My Day.

Here are some pictures I snapped during the show.

I knew at some point after the show we would need dinner, so during the afternoon I whipped my my handy OpenTable app to see where I could get us a reservation for at least 10. I had warned a few of our friends that we would do dinner and invited them along. If I do say so myself I came up a winner in the dinner department. It can be difficult to please 17 people (more on that later) but I managed fairly well.

So I made the reservation for the 12 of us, 10 friends plus the Birthday Boy and his Husband if they were able to join us. As we leave the show I do a count and see there is 1 straggler, and 2 additional invitees I knew of. So on the phone I go calling to find out if they can now accomodate 15. Keep in mind it is now 7:30 on a Saturday with an 8:00 reservation. So off we go to walk to few blocks to Gossip Bar and Restaurant. Another quick survey of the group and I count 2 more heads that have joined the group. This throws me into full on panic mode. I am in no place to tell the Birthday Boy that he can’t invite people but at the same time I am worried we will get to the restaurant and get some push back for 17 people showing up.

I was worried for absolutely no reason. Although I was surprised that this place wasn’t busier than it was. They easily accommodated us in the back of the restaurant at a long table that took up most of the back room. Everyone I asked said their meal was fantastic. I had the Burger Special,  a delicious fresh made burger with Chili and bacon on an english muffin, with a side of house made Tater Tots, with a Margarita to wash it all down. Not only was the food great but the staff did an outstanding job catering to such a large party. The prices were very reasonable as well which can be quite shocking in New York City.

Sunday was just another day of running errands and a friend visiting for dinner, nothing too exciting really. I did call my Dad and told him I gave him the best Father’s day gift of all. I stayed home and didn’t bother him!

Tuesday we were invited to $5 movie night with our friends Mike and Geoff. The movie of the evening was Prometheus. I will say I enjoyed the movie, but was it absolutely out of this world (pun intended) fantastic, oh my word this is a must see over and over again. No.

Which brings us to Weds and the Summer Solstice. We certainly noticed that summer arrived. The hottest day of the month so far. And what made it extra special was we celebrated by marching in a parade. Thankfully the parade started at 7 so the sun had a bit of a chance to go down but it was by no means what you would call a cool night. A little sweat never hurt anyone….

Back in Glenn’s day you didn’t sweat….you melted.

Gallantly Streaming

Happy day after Flag Day! We will get back to that glorious occasion shortly. For now I have some other stuff to catch up on.

We started Summer hours at work last week, this is both a blessing and a hindrance. It’s a blessing because 1 day a week I can leave the office at 2pm. The hindrance is the fact I need to find someone to cover for me for 3 hours.The half hour lunch kinda hurts too.

Weds was the beginning of a busy drum corps week. We led the parade for one of our staple Fire Dept’s we have marched with this fire company for many many years and every year we lead their hometown parade which kicks off the Carnival they have set up at the Firehouse and use as a fund raiser. The skies were gloomy all day but just as the parade was set to begin, the Rainbow appeared and the rain stopped and off we went.

Saturday was round 2 for parades, this time we were at the ass end of the parade. Why this particular Fire Dept we march for INSISTS on being last is beyond me. I drove to the parade as I wanted to just get in my car and leave as soon as we were done. When I arrived I saw some other people (including my younger brother) parked in a grassy area on the Highway on Ramp, so I backed in, and we just happen to end the parade right there. Quick change and off I sped.

The reason I drove was because Saturday was also Gayme night. I drove home, picked up the hubby and off we went to see our friends and everyone else who showed up. It was a fabulous time as always! Seems next month is up in the air for me on Gayme night as I have a parade that afternoon too, this one is a bit farther away.

Sunday was the trifecta, this time not a parade but a local Flag Day Ceremony put on by our local Elks, which I also happen to be a member. The ceremony is actually very nice, after 18 years of it though I can do the speaking parts. For the Drum Corps part of it we play the National Anthem (see first pic), then they read the history behind each flag, and as the flag is brought into the room and placed in the flag stand the Drum Corps plays a song (well part of a song) as musical accompaniment. As they brought in the last flag we played our Military Medley song, this one we played all the way through and then left.

Meanwhile, back at the compound, the hubby was entertaining everyone with food and drink ( we did manage to eat before I left) at Brunch. This was our turn for the Revolving brunch we do with 3 other couples. We went with a Mexican Theme (suggested by one of our friends). I think he suggested mexican just so he could make a million Tamales.

Here is the table setting. Thankfully it was nice out and we could eat outside.

Here is all the fabulous food we had!

Oven Braised Mexican Beef

(although I did this in the crock-pot which I would certainly do again. Low for 10 hours)

The Hubby Smoked some Pork and Chicken to make Tacos out of.

Mexican Baked Eggs

Not pictured seperately but also on the menu were, Tortilla Chips and Queso, Fried potatoes, Tamales, The Appetizer one of the couples brough which was Tortilla chips topped with Guacamole and Crab Salad. Dessert was Brownie Sundae’s and Monkey bread. I did manage to find a Signature Drink called  Mexican 75. We were hesitant about this orginally, it was pretty much Tequila, Agave Nectar and Champagne, but oh my was it delicious.***

All this delicious food earlier in the day left us fully satisfied that we didn’t even have dinner. As a side note, the hubby and I have been on an adjusted eating arrangement (I won’t call it a diet). I made sure to weigh myself Sunday morning and was happy to see the scale show 2 0’s, I figure within a week the first Number will be a 1 (when that does happen you will hear the scream wherever you are!)

The new pump came for the pool last week so that is finally up and running, the water is clear, now to just get the temperature up. It was 74 on Sunday still too chilly for a dip (unless we did the Polar Bear Plunge). No parades until next week, this year is a little lighter in June for parades.

Yesterday at the office we had a visit from the Fabulous Traveling Sundae bus!The bus pulls up, sets up, you go in get a cup of ice cream and then proceed to add toppings and then go on your way.

This weekend will be filled with more friends and fun, one of my best friends, who also happens to be the longest gay friendship I have had (I’ve known him slightly longer than my hubby) turns 50 on Saturday. He and His husband are throwing a party in NYC at the club where he performs Improv. The party part is early afternoon then in the early evening we are treated to a ComedySportz show. We have seen many of these and always enjoy them.

***All recipes were compiled from my new favorite website Punchfork

Something old, something green

I have been lax in my writing. Not for any other reason than I just haven’t sat down to this here blog to run at the mouth.

Memorial Day week was nothing eventful, our houseguest that had arrived the week before left on Weds. The week just kinda rolled along. I always find that the short weeks ALWAYS feel like the longest when it comes to work. It didn’t help that it was month end as well.

Last weekend one of my dear friends Walt and his husband Ken tied the knot. Now after 18 years I say it’s about damn time but things in his life within the past year made this journey a difficult one. We were lucky enough to be able to attend the post wedding party and share in their joy.

It was a quick overnight trip up to where they live, party party party, sleep, enjoy a leisurely breakfast with them and some of the other out of town guests, then a crappy drive home in the rain and thunder on Sunday afternoon. Some of their out of town houseguests were some other friends Freddy and Jed and their 2 boys (who are cute as all get out). We hadn’t yet met the boys, and it has been a few years since we had seen Freddy and Jed.

It was a wonderful time and I wish Walt and Ken many many more years of happiness, or just liking or tolerating each other.

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a new local monthly Social Night. This was the 2nd such event, the first one we missed last month. We had a really great time meeting a bunch of new people. The organizers of the event were really happy with the turnout as well. I believe this will be a new event for us, although it happens to be on a Monday night which is a school night, I think we can still have a good time and not over due it.

This week is heavy on the Drum Corps activities. I have a parade Weds night and Saturday afternoon and then a Flag Day Ceremony on Sunday. Saturday also happens to be Gayme Night, and Sunday is our turn at hosting the Revolving Brunch so the socializing will continue.

That’s about it to report here, wish it were more exciting!