a little bit of this

A little bit of that.

It’s a strange feeling not having a bowling update to post. It’s been a week since the season ended and I already miss the gang.

Not to say it hasn’t been a busy week, between work and drum corps and things around the house.

The best part of the work week was the fact I got to work from home 2 days, there was the Tuesday Dr appointment followed by the Friday Dentist visit. Another good check up on both fronts and new appointments set for 3 and 6 months respectively.

Wednesday was Drum Corps rehearsal night but since we had rain move in the outdoor marching practice was canceled. We made up for it Saturday with our 2nd showing of the season. This is our 4th year volunteering for the Opening Ceremonies of our local Special Olympics. It was a short jaunt around the high school track leading the olympians onto the field for the ceremony. Bing Bang Boom over and done with after about an hour.

Saturday night also happened to be our friends Monthly Game Night. I found this recipe for a Flourless (which the husband insist I call a No Flour Added) Chocolate Amaretti Cake. Simple to make and Delicious beyond belief. So good in fact, the husband also insisted I make a 2nd one to bring to my parents for Mothers Day.

Along with the fabulous chocolatey goodness, I also went the semi healthy route and made a carrot cake. I used gluten free flour and low fat cream cheese, but you would never have known it. It too was Fabulous.

This week is a pretty quiet one hopefully. Saturday we have a Meet and Greet to promote Greyhound Adoption and Sunday is our Bowling end of Season Picnic! I’ve volunteered to make a Quinoa Salad and my Famous Coleslaw!

Have a great week Y’all I may be back later…..


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