Food, Fun, Friends

My 3 favorite F words! And I got to enjoy all of them this week.

The first half of the week was dreary, rain sat over us for 3 days which makes for a dismal day at the office.

Friday things improved immensely as we had dinner plans with my Former Work Wife and our Gal Pal for our Gal Pals Birthday. Our Gal Pal  and I both had emails from our favorite Pub to enjoy a free entree for our birthdays. My arrive a week late than my Birthday so I had the entire month of May to enjoy it, she had a 2 week time span.

We started with a bowl of Mussels (which I did not partake in), and the Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche (which I did), and I had my favorite soup of all time French Onion. I tend to judge a place on their Onion Soup and this place does it well.

For my entree I had Rum and Coke Baby back ribs and Chicken. They were super soft, fall off the bone, delicious. These went well with the Gingerhorse drinks I had, Pear Vodka, Pear Nectar, and Ginger Vodka.

I splurged on dessert and had their special, Chocolate Mousse with a Chocolate popover, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Saturday we got an early morning text from our friends who host Gayme night for a dinner invite, they were having a small get together (4 couples in total) that night. Naturally, I brought dessert as it seems that’s what I tend to do best. I searched for a gluten free cake recipe (more on that later) and found a pretty good Gluten Free Lemon Cake.

We had a fabulous time hanging out with everyone after our long day of Doggy meet & greeting and our usual errands to Costco and Shoprite.

The biggest event of the weekend was our end of season Bowling Picnic. After having a week off from seeing everyone I was super excited to see them all again (although a few of them were noticeably absent). The party was held at the Gay Community Center that semi sponors our league. Although we wished it could have been outside as it turned out to be a gorgeous day, every time we plan for outside it rains.

Team AlleyOops took 3rd place and received the Plaque to prove it, along with a small bit of money. I was also surprised that the league officers had sneakily ordered 5 year pins for those of us who have been around since the very beginning of the league.


I volunteered to bring my “famous” Quinoa Salad which I have adapted from one I found online, and my Coleslaw. I know I don’t normally do this but I thought I would share the recipe for everyone to enjoy.  This is not your typical coleslaw as it is made with Oil and Vinegar instead of mayonnaise. have already given it away to 2 twitter pals, one of which happens find Mayonnaise revolting. So please enjoy this perfect for picnics summer dish and let me know via comment or email if you make it!

Sweet and Sour Coleslaw –

1 pound cabbage – red or green – shredded
1 large carrot peeled and grated
½ cup sugar
2 teaspoons kosher salt
¼ tsp celery seed
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
Black Pepper

Toss Cabbage and Carrot with Salt and Sugar and let sit in a colander let sit until wilted.

Empty liquid from bowl rinse clean and empty cabbage and carrot into bowl.

Toss with oil and vinegar and season to taste with pepper.

Notes –
I use both red and green cabbage as I find it makes for a great color combo.

I will normally shred toss with salt and sugar and let sit overnight sometimes longer, mixing it a few times, I like the cabbage really wilted.

Since I’ve been making this long enough I don’t really measure. I use half a head of each cabbage and 2-3 carrots depending on size.

I use poppy seed and caraway seed and eyeball it no measuring here.

Again no measuring of the oil and vinegar I add enough to make it wet and to taste.

Make it once and then adjust everything to your taste.

a little bit of this

A little bit of that.

It’s a strange feeling not having a bowling update to post. It’s been a week since the season ended and I already miss the gang.

Not to say it hasn’t been a busy week, between work and drum corps and things around the house.

The best part of the work week was the fact I got to work from home 2 days, there was the Tuesday Dr appointment followed by the Friday Dentist visit. Another good check up on both fronts and new appointments set for 3 and 6 months respectively.

Wednesday was Drum Corps rehearsal night but since we had rain move in the outdoor marching practice was canceled. We made up for it Saturday with our 2nd showing of the season. This is our 4th year volunteering for the Opening Ceremonies of our local Special Olympics. It was a short jaunt around the high school track leading the olympians onto the field for the ceremony. Bing Bang Boom over and done with after about an hour.

Saturday night also happened to be our friends Monthly Game Night. I found this recipe for a Flourless (which the husband insist I call a No Flour Added) Chocolate Amaretti Cake. Simple to make and Delicious beyond belief. So good in fact, the husband also insisted I make a 2nd one to bring to my parents for Mothers Day.

Along with the fabulous chocolatey goodness, I also went the semi healthy route and made a carrot cake. I used gluten free flour and low fat cream cheese, but you would never have known it. It too was Fabulous.

This week is a pretty quiet one hopefully. Saturday we have a Meet and Greet to promote Greyhound Adoption and Sunday is our Bowling end of Season Picnic! I’ve volunteered to make a Quinoa Salad and my Famous Coleslaw!

Have a great week Y’all I may be back later…..


Bowling Week #16 2012

The much anticipated last bowling post of 2012 is here. This past Sunday night brought to a close our 5th year of bowling in the league. We have made some great friends and had so much again! I can’t wait until next year.
Game #1 – 170
Game #2 – 148
Game #3 – 143
Starting Avg 136, I ended the season with a 137.
We took all 4 points this week which brought us to 39 points and  3rd place finish overall for the season!
The team in second place is only ahead of us by 1/2 a point.
Our end of year picnic is in 2 weeks. I have volunteered to bring my fabulous Quinoa Salad and Coleslaw.


Let the Parade Games begin

Well the 2012 Parade Season got off to a pretty good start.

We had out first parade today and boy was it a doozy. The parade was in celebration of a neighboring towns fire depts 200th Anniversary. All the major players were there and then some. We lucked out and were in the beginning of the 3rd Division, this made for a shorter march than some of the others.

The weather forecast was back and forth all week with rain then no rain. It turned out to be perfect marching weather. Not too warm, cloudy, slight breeze. I did still manage to break a sweat.

And much like the parade route today, it’s all downhill from here!

Bowling Week #15 2012

Well this is the 2nd to last week for Bowling Updates. We have a Great Night, all 4 of us really brought it.
Game #1 – 134
Game #2 – 111
Game #3 – 150
Starting Avg 136 no change this week.
We took all 4 points this week which brought us to 35 points and bumped us up to 4th place going into the final week position round.
This week we played team B-Unit! They were missing a player so that may have helped in the big wins we had against them.
For the final week we play the 3rd place team Bowl Jobs. If we bowl well this week we could end the Season in 2nd place.