Bowling Week #14 2012

Another good week  for us. We are on the left hand side of the score sheet still which makes me happy. We missed a week of bowling due to our trip and somehow I missed a weekly post!
Game #1 – 119
Game #2 – 116
Game #3 – 164
Starting Avg 136 I guess I am destined to have a 130ish average.
We took 3 points this week which brought us to 31 points and keeping us in 5th place.
This week we play team B-Unit! They also happen to be in 6th place so I am hoping we take a few more points than the teams ahead of us so that we don’t have to bowl them again next week for Position Round.
This is the second to last night of bowling. I am sad it is coming to an end.

Catching up

I know I owe you all a vacation recap, well that is if you really want it.

I’ve been thrown into craziness at work since we have come back.

The coworker who was scheduled to cover me for the entire time I was gone, ended up going out on maternity leave before I got back. Thankfully it was only 2 1/2 days of chaos before I came back to the office. It took me practically all day Tuesday to get on top of my inbox, after about 8 hours and 600 emails I could see the light at the end. Though it was move 1 email out, 3 more came in.

I promise to get a couple posts recapping our cruise and maybe just a couple posts of some of the pics, after I have some time to get them off the 2 iPhones and the camera.

Suffice it to say, we had a great time!


Coming down from the high seas

Well we are back. After 10 glorious days away I am actually happy to be home.

We had a great time and later on this week I’ll recap the highlights of our trip. Right now we sit and wait to get off the ship and head to the airport, where we will attempt to get on every possible flight on standby to get home. Our current flight leaves at 5:45pm.

I’ve missed you all!

Let the fun begin!

Travel days are always the worst. The excitement to get on with your vacation coupled with things out of your control make for a tiring day.

We left home around 830 Thursday morning grabbed some coffee and hit the airport for our 11:07 flight. First stop was Atlanta. We had a short 1 hour and 15 min layover that turned into the flight leaving an hour later than scheduled. We found this out AFTER we had all boarded the full flight.

We finally touched down in Fort Lauderdale only about an hour late. A quick call for the airport shuttle and we were on our way to check in. We dropped our bags in the room and spent the next hour and a half wandering the local vicinity for some last minute items and Wine!

We were successful in getting all the miscellaneous items on our list, except for the wine, at Kmart. A nice 2 mile walk in either direction proved fruitless as there were no wi e stores to be found. Don’t these Floridians drink?

The hotel was nice. My only issue was with the Free Shuttle ( I know don’t complain it’s free). We attempted to get on the list to get to the cruise port as early as possible and the guy says oh I have an 11:45 time slot open. No Ma’am. I want to be there early and have my first drink in hand by 11:45. Needless to say we will be getting a cab there since we still need to stop and buy some wine.

That’s all for now. Internet service will be off limits while we are on the ship, but I have my laptop to write the daily posts for publishing upon my return. See you all on the flip side!


That’s how many more days there are until we leave on our fabulous Cruise.

You can expect some silence here probably until we get back, but since I am bringing the laptop I will work on daily posts recapping the trip and the wonderful time we will be having,

Not to mention pictures of the food we eat and the fruity drinks!

So my last post before we leave will be this week’s bowling recap.

I may post once more from Fort Lauderdale Thursday since we are staying over in a hotel that night before the cruise leaves on Friday!

Bon Voyage and don’t miss me too much…..