Talk about pop music

Where has the year gone. March 1st already, seems like we were just celebrating New Years.

Brace yourselves this is going to be another weekend recap full of Food, Fun, and Frivolity. It was a whirlwind crazy weekend for sure. It started on Friday night when my best friend dropped off Maggie for a weekend visit. Maggie to put it mildly is a Beagle/Boxer mix who is a battleaxe. Picture a really small hippo and that is Maggie. So for the weekend we had 4 dogs in the house, thankfully they all get along really well.

Saturday was our usual errands, then we jumped in the car to pick up our friend, head to the train station near his house, hop the train to meet his husband, then puled in the car to New York City for Dinner and Show. First we started with a fantastic dinner at Uncle Nick’s Greek Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. A quaint little place with some awesome food.

We started with the Four Combo Dips Appetizer (Tzatziki – Yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip., tarama – A fluffy, tangy fish roe dip., melitzanosalata – Eggplant dip & scordalia – Potato and garlic dip.) and the Saganki-Tiri (Tony’s Flaming Cheese). I tried all of them and I have to say the Tzatziki was one of the best i’ve ever had. The Flaming cheese was damn good as well.

For my entree I had the Lahanodolmades (Stuffed Greek Cabbage), the hubby had the Lamb Chops, and our 2 friends both ordered the Elliniki Compania (Gyro, two pork souvlaki, pita & tzatziki sauce). Everyone raved at how good their meals were. This will definitely be a place I think we would visit again.

After dinner we headed over to Times Square for our second viewing of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. This was the second time for all 4 of us seeing this show. I thought the show was outstanding the first time, but it was even better this time. There had been a few cast changes since we saw it in December, which really went unnoticeable. I think I picked up on things this time that I may have missed the last time around. As we were leaving the theater we got separated from our friends but easily caught up to them in the Lobby as one of them was buying Fabulous Pink Boa’s for he and I. We through them on when we got outside and wore them all way from times square to the car. We even stopped for a photo op of us in our boa’s in the middle of Times Square. If you have any interest at all in this and are in NYC and get the opportunity GO! GO! GO! see this show.

Sunday morning we added another 2 bodies to the house, my niece and nephew. Mom, Dad, my Brother and Sister-in-Law were all heading out on a cruise Sunday afternoon, so the hubby and I volunteered to take the kids for a few hours until my sister was free from her commitments to take over babysitting duties.

Another Stellar (someone needs to invent the sarcasm font very soon) night at bowling and the weekend was wrapped up. Another pretty normal work week, with a month end thrown in the mix for good measure and here we are at March. I think it’s safe to say it came in like a Lamb.


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