The 3 F’s

This is slowly becoming a recurring theme around here. Another weekend revolving around Food, Fun, and Friends!

After a last minute Valentine’s double date with friend’s and a mid week Eye Dr Appt. Friday rolled around and that meant Date Night! It also meant, I didn’t have to cook dinner. We tried out a new (to us) BBQ place not far from where we live. The food was great (although not as good as my Hubby’s smoked meats), the atmosphere was no frills.

We ended up ordering 2 combo plates so that we could try pretty much everything the place had to offer. Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, and something they call WACKADOO. This is a housemade brisket hash and was by far the best hash I have ever had.

Saturday was our usual day of errands, then we were off to some other friends house for dinner. The menu was Peruvian as one of the hosts is from Peru, the other is from St Louis. We had a great time just sitting around eating, and getting to know these guys even better. We met them as part of our other friends Monthly Game Night, which makes it hard to really talk and get to know everyone.They have a cute little apartment, and 2 adorable shelter dogs they adopted. Winners in my book just for that.

Sunday was the most anticipated day of the month, Brunch with the other 3 couples we started the monthlyish brunch get togethers with. Since it was so close to Valentine’s Day that seemed to be the theme for the brunch. The hosts made some fantastic waffles and this awesome thick cut bacon. We had some Pear turnover appetizers and Turkey Florentine Cups we made. One of the other couples brought this awesome Goat Cheese and Hashbrown Quiche.

For dessert there was a Poundcake the hosts made, and Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats that I had made with Cream Cheese frosting. After we ate, we sat around and drank some more mimosa’s and played a few rounds of Taboo and Scattegories.

Sunday also meant it was Bowling time! I can’t decide if I like it as a Week ending fun time or a week beginning fun time. I’ll post my standard update to that later on. Monday was a work holiday for me but not the hubby. It was lovely. We met for lunch along with a coworker of mine so the food just kept coming.

So there you have it the 3 F’s!


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