Bowling Week #6 2012

It’s hard to believe we have bowled 6 weeks already!

Game #1 – 115
Game #2 – 114
Game #3 – 162
Starting Avg 142 down 3 from last week.
I swear all the Mimosa’s had NOTHING to do with those scores for the first 2 games.
We took 0 points again this week which drops us down to 6th place. Now that the Highest Handicap and the Highest average Teams have been bowled it’s Up Up Up we go back to the top.
This week we play Team Bowl Jobs

The 3 F’s

This is slowly becoming a recurring theme around here. Another weekend revolving around Food, Fun, and Friends!

After a last minute Valentine’s double date with friend’s and a mid week Eye Dr Appt. Friday rolled around and that meant Date Night! It also meant, I didn’t have to cook dinner. We tried out a new (to us) BBQ place not far from where we live. The food was great (although not as good as my Hubby’s smoked meats), the atmosphere was no frills.

We ended up ordering 2 combo plates so that we could try pretty much everything the place had to offer. Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, and something they call WACKADOO. This is a housemade brisket hash and was by far the best hash I have ever had.

Saturday was our usual day of errands, then we were off to some other friends house for dinner. The menu was Peruvian as one of the hosts is from Peru, the other is from St Louis. We had a great time just sitting around eating, and getting to know these guys even better. We met them as part of our other friends Monthly Game Night, which makes it hard to really talk and get to know everyone.They have a cute little apartment, and 2 adorable shelter dogs they adopted. Winners in my book just for that.

Sunday was the most anticipated day of the month, Brunch with the other 3 couples we started the monthlyish brunch get togethers with. Since it was so close to Valentine’s Day that seemed to be the theme for the brunch. The hosts made some fantastic waffles and this awesome thick cut bacon. We had some Pear turnover appetizers and Turkey Florentine Cups we made. One of the other couples brought this awesome Goat Cheese and Hashbrown Quiche.

For dessert there was a Poundcake the hosts made, and Red Velvet Rice Krispy Treats that I had made with Cream Cheese frosting. After we ate, we sat around and drank some more mimosa’s and played a few rounds of Taboo and Scattegories.

Sunday also meant it was Bowling time! I can’t decide if I like it as a Week ending fun time or a week beginning fun time. I’ll post my standard update to that later on. Monday was a work holiday for me but not the hubby. It was lovely. We met for lunch along with a coworker of mine so the food just kept coming.

So there you have it the 3 F’s!

Bowling Week #5 2012

Another fun week at bowling. Sorry I am late getting this update out there.

Game #1 – 151
Game #2 – 130
Game #3 – 107
Starting Avg 145 up 6 from last week. I guess it’s safe to say I will fluctuate from 139-145 for my average all season.
I have no idea what happened in that third game.
The team we played this week, has lower hadicaps than we do, therefore the points we had to give them was too big of a gap for us to make up, though we gave it a gallant try.
We took 0 points this week which drops us down to 4th place, I can be happy with 4th as it still gives us a chance to get back on top.
This week we play Team Bump in the Road.This team has 2 of the highest averages in the league.

Food Glorious food

So there was no bowling this weekend since it was Super Bowl Sunday. I stand by the Lesbians in the league not wanting to bowl, but this year I could blame the men since Madonna was the half time show.

It was a long week for both the hubby and I so our standing Friday night Date Night was much needed. We attempted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner but the 60-80 minute wait at 7:45pm was a deal breaker. So instead we ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s.

The week was a busy one for me as the company had their National Sales Meeting here at our office Weds-Fri. It was great seeing all of the outer office Sales People. Weds night was a company wide Happy hour, and boy was I happy after being there 4 hours.

Saturday was our standard day of errands, then Saturday night we were invited over to our friends house for an impromptu dinner party. The stars must have been aligned for the 3 of us couples to all be free on a Saturday night with only 3 days notice. We had a fabulous time, good food (the hosts are wonderful cooks), good wine, and a great dessert made by yours truly.

Sunday was a lazy morning, with the exception of the Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats I made to bring to a Housewarming/Super Bowl party at our bowling lesbian friends house. It was another wonderful afternoon of good food, the hubby smoked a pork butt and made pulled pork, and the hostess deep fried a turkey. I had my fair share of both of those along with snacks, meatballs, and sangria!

The game didn’t interest me very much, neither did the halftime show, which I eventually watched this morning on Youtube. It was good, but there seriously should have been more of the Marching Band and less of the women singers. The only thing i cared about with the game was the quarterly scores and those didn’t help me win in the Work Pool I was in.

Onward and upward, bowling is back next Sunday and Game Night is Saturday.


Bowling Week #4 2012

Another fun week at bowling

Game #1 – 186
Game #2 – 135
Game #3 – 167
Starting Avg 139 down 2 from last week. I guess it’s safe to say I will fluctuate from 139-141 for my average all season.
The best thing about this week was on game #3 I bowled 3 strikes in the 10th frame.
I suspected with the loss of 2 teams after week 3 the match ups were going to change. We ended up bowling against our friends who are the league officers Team Split Happens.
We took 3 points this week which keeps us in 1st place!
Next week I think we play Team B-Unit.