Bowling Week #3 2012

Week 3 was a bit of an off week. I chalk it up to the Bye Team we played. I also think we should call it the Bi team. This is a team of no one as we were an odd number.

Game #1 – 124
Game #2 – 152
Game #3 – 133
Starting Avg 141 up 1 from last week.
Seems game #2  again this week was my best game.
As I said we played the Bye Team, this is an empty team to keep it even, but I found out we are the last ones to bowl against this team, we lost a team within the last week so we are down to an even number all filled with actual people. Although not guaranteed to win, we still needed to bowl pretty well to come out victorious.
We took all 4 points this week which puts us in 1st place!
It’s been quite a few years since we saw 1st place, let alone the left hand side of the scoring sheet this early in the season. We will enjoy it while it lasts, hopefully all season.
Next week I think we play Team Bump in the road, but I’m not sure since we lost a team.

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