This not just in

I’ll have my weekly bowling update later on this week, waiting to see if they update the standing on the website.

Not much else to report for the last week or so.

I do know I forgot to mention our fabulous lunch date from last saturday with our good friends Walt and Ken. We met at the usual spot and had a great time as always. The next day was the start of our Sunday Gay Brunch’s for this year. We have gone full circle and were back at the first host’s house (the straight couple). It was Past-a-palooza, the hosts made homemade manicotti and meatballs. I of course brought the house down with my Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding. The hubby made a fabulous Rum Caramel Sauce to pour over it too. My 2 other favorite dishes were appetizers, Smoked Salmon on a cracker with a light Sour Cream/Cream Cheese dollop and Capers, and the Meat on a stick.

I was off work on Monday Martin Luther King Jr Day, the hubby came home early and we went and hung out with a friend for the afternoon. The rest of the week was interesting but mostly goings on at work. They announced that the end of the month would also be the end of the line for the Leader of my Team. She is being replaced internally, so needless to say after the long weekend and the Tuesday announcement it made for an interesting and semi awkward week.

The only other exciting thing was this past weekend’s snow storm. The first of the winter (the one in October doesn’t count). Not too much but made for a lovely lazy day. Sunday before bowling we went over to my parents house for birthday dinner for my nephew, it was like Easter Dinner only 3 months early.

Alright alright there was one bit of news I haven’t mentioned from last week. We decided and booked a vacation for April (of which I will detail in a later post), but as a teaser it will be another Cruise.

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