Bowling Week #2 2012

Week 2 was just as fun and exciting as week 1. It helps that a lot of the drama from the previous years has slowly dwindled and the other teams are actually fun to bowl against.

Game #1 – 133
Game #2 – 164
Game #3 – 128
Starting Avg 140 up 2 from last week.
Seems game #2  again this week was my best game.
We played Team Mixed Fruits, normally our friend Steven who joined the league last year as a sub is on this team but he was away this week. So instead our friend Mike subbed for him as he is a new sub this year. 2 of the other players are these great ladies who were stuck with some of the drama last year (who thankfully didn’t come back). The 4th is a friend of Steven’s who joined this year.
We took 3 points and gave them 1 point which puts us in 4th place
Next week we play the Bye team, which is an empty team just to make an even amount of teams.

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