Bowling Week #1 2012

It’s That Time again!
The Gay Bowling League started back up this past Sunday. I have been anxiously awaiting this time for months.
They haven’t yet updated the website with our scores but I have  bit of info to get these posts going again. On the hubbies suggestion the team numbers were mixed up from last year. We are now team Number 5 – Team Alley Oops
Game #1 – 118
Game #2 – 180 (which is 42 pins above average)
Game #3 – 124
Starting Avg 138
Seems game #2 this week was my best game.My goal this year is to concentrate enough to bowl over 200.
We played Team Scared Straights 4 straight guys who decided to join the league. 2 of them are kids of our friend Bill who is Married to our friend Glenn (so they also have a step dad). The other 2 are friends of theirs.
We took 2 points and gave them 2 points which puts us in 7th place.
Knowing we were playing them I figured why not bring Cupcakes to the first night. I know how much everyone loves them, and I figured it would distract the 4 boys from their game.
I also found new bowling shirts with our team name on them. Aren’t they great!
That’s all for now report back next week!

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