Someone left the cake out in the rain

I wish the rest of last week was as eventful as our trip into NYC for the show. Alas there wasn’t much excitement until New Year’s Eve.

The hubby went back to work for 2 days Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the 2 days getting a head start on the cleaning since we were having close to 30 people over for our annual New Year’s party.Thursday we met some friends for lunch at the new Brio Tuscan Grille that opened at the Mall right next door to The Cheesecake Factory. Everyone said their meal was really good. I had the Lasagna Bolognese with a Caesar salad and will agree it was delicious. We will have to go back and try the place for dinner.

Friday was our day of errands and a pre-anniversary date lunch. The hubby and I drove up north from us to this fabulous Pub called The White Horse Country Pub, this marks our 3rd time there, the first for lunch. I had the French Onion Soup which is a favorite of mine, and the Cheddar Crunch burger.The hubby ordered the Calamari, a favorite of his, and the Drunken Croque Monsieur. Just as with the previous times for dinner, we were not disappointed in our selections. After lunch it was on to Costco and Shoprite to get the final items we needed for the party Saturday.

Saturday was a busy busy day, more cleaning in the morning, a few more final errands and then the best part, a quick nap before the party prep commenced. It was finally party time! We actually ended up having at last count 27 people, I think a record since our weddings. As busy as I seem to be with all the guests arriving and the food needing tending, it took me a bit before I got my first drink. But man that first sip of wine really helped me to get into party mode and then they just kept coming. I believe we counted close to 9 bottles of wine were emptied, 2 were half empty and 3 bottles of champagne.

I had the best time, and was sad to see it all come to an end but man was I tired and ready for bed once 2am hit. We had 3 friends end up staying over but they pretty much left once we got coffee in them between 9 and 11am. New Years day we spent doing absolutely nothing. A little more clean up and some Ab Fab reruns on BBC America.

We were both pretty glad to have Monday off to recuperate as well so it was another day of nothing. We did manage to run out to the mall, christmas tree shops, and Lowes (3 times for the hubby) for some clothes, and a new bathroom faucet. Tuesday it was back to work, there wasn’t much in my inbox to sort through which was good, but it’s been a quiet week, which makes the short week seem so long.

This coming Sunday we start back up with our Bowling league so expect to see my bowling updates return on a weekly basis. I am super excited I love bowling, and I love the league, and I can’t wait to see the great friends we made there.

3 thoughts on “Someone left the cake out in the rain

    • CB, I am a foodie, there is nothing I like better than a good meal. If we get nothing else but relaxation out of a vacation, as long as the food is good and possibly something new to try then we consider it a success.

  1. KathyBofSD says:

    And I can’t wait to hear the bowling scores and if you need some breathing tips or keep your eyes on the dots and always follow through tips just let me know!!! I saw you had the cuppy cakes to get the fingertips of the opponents all sticky – trickster. 🙂

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