Bowling Week #3 2012

Week 3 was a bit of an off week. I chalk it up to the Bye Team we played. I also think we should call it the Bi team. This is a team of no one as we were an odd number.

Game #1 – 124
Game #2 – 152
Game #3 – 133
Starting Avg 141 up 1 from last week.
Seems game #2  again this week was my best game.
As I said we played the Bye Team, this is an empty team to keep it even, but I found out we are the last ones to bowl against this team, we lost a team within the last week so we are down to an even number all filled with actual people. Although not guaranteed to win, we still needed to bowl pretty well to come out victorious.
We took all 4 points this week which puts us in 1st place!
It’s been quite a few years since we saw 1st place, let alone the left hand side of the scoring sheet this early in the season. We will enjoy it while it lasts, hopefully all season.
Next week I think we play Team Bump in the road, but I’m not sure since we lost a team.

This not just in

I’ll have my weekly bowling update later on this week, waiting to see if they update the standing on the website.

Not much else to report for the last week or so.

I do know I forgot to mention our fabulous lunch date from last saturday with our good friends Walt and Ken. We met at the usual spot and had a great time as always. The next day was the start of our Sunday Gay Brunch’s for this year. We have gone full circle and were back at the first host’s house (the straight couple). It was Past-a-palooza, the hosts made homemade manicotti and meatballs. I of course brought the house down with my Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding. The hubby made a fabulous Rum Caramel Sauce to pour over it too. My 2 other favorite dishes were appetizers, Smoked Salmon on a cracker with a light Sour Cream/Cream Cheese dollop and Capers, and the Meat on a stick.

I was off work on Monday Martin Luther King Jr Day, the hubby came home early and we went and hung out with a friend for the afternoon. The rest of the week was interesting but mostly goings on at work. They announced that the end of the month would also be the end of the line for the Leader of my Team. She is being replaced internally, so needless to say after the long weekend and the Tuesday announcement it made for an interesting and semi awkward week.

The only other exciting thing was this past weekend’s snow storm. The first of the winter (the one in October doesn’t count). Not too much but made for a lovely lazy day. Sunday before bowling we went over to my parents house for birthday dinner for my nephew, it was like Easter Dinner only 3 months early.

Alright alright there was one bit of news I haven’t mentioned from last week. We decided and booked a vacation for April (of which I will detail in a later post), but as a teaser it will be another Cruise.

Bowling Week #2 2012

Week 2 was just as fun and exciting as week 1. It helps that a lot of the drama from the previous years has slowly dwindled and the other teams are actually fun to bowl against.

Game #1 – 133
Game #2 – 164
Game #3 – 128
Starting Avg 140 up 2 from last week.
Seems game #2  again this week was my best game.
We played Team Mixed Fruits, normally our friend Steven who joined the league last year as a sub is on this team but he was away this week. So instead our friend Mike subbed for him as he is a new sub this year. 2 of the other players are these great ladies who were stuck with some of the drama last year (who thankfully didn’t come back). The 4th is a friend of Steven’s who joined this year.
We took 3 points and gave them 1 point which puts us in 4th place
Next week we play the Bye team, which is an empty team just to make an even amount of teams.

Bowling Week #1 2012

It’s That Time again!
The Gay Bowling League started back up this past Sunday. I have been anxiously awaiting this time for months.
They haven’t yet updated the website with our scores but I have  bit of info to get these posts going again. On the hubbies suggestion the team numbers were mixed up from last year. We are now team Number 5 – Team Alley Oops
Game #1 – 118
Game #2 – 180 (which is 42 pins above average)
Game #3 – 124
Starting Avg 138
Seems game #2 this week was my best game.My goal this year is to concentrate enough to bowl over 200.
We played Team Scared Straights 4 straight guys who decided to join the league. 2 of them are kids of our friend Bill who is Married to our friend Glenn (so they also have a step dad). The other 2 are friends of theirs.
We took 2 points and gave them 2 points which puts us in 7th place.
Knowing we were playing them I figured why not bring Cupcakes to the first night. I know how much everyone loves them, and I figured it would distract the 4 boys from their game.
I also found new bowling shirts with our team name on them. Aren’t they great!
That’s all for now report back next week!

Someone left the cake out in the rain

I wish the rest of last week was as eventful as our trip into NYC for the show. Alas there wasn’t much excitement until New Year’s Eve.

The hubby went back to work for 2 days Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the 2 days getting a head start on the cleaning since we were having close to 30 people over for our annual New Year’s party.Thursday we met some friends for lunch at the new Brio Tuscan Grille that opened at the Mall right next door to The Cheesecake Factory. Everyone said their meal was really good. I had the Lasagna Bolognese with a Caesar salad and will agree it was delicious. We will have to go back and try the place for dinner.

Friday was our day of errands and a pre-anniversary date lunch. The hubby and I drove up north from us to this fabulous Pub called The White Horse Country Pub, this marks our 3rd time there, the first for lunch. I had the French Onion Soup which is a favorite of mine, and the Cheddar Crunch burger.The hubby ordered the Calamari, a favorite of his, and the Drunken Croque Monsieur. Just as with the previous times for dinner, we were not disappointed in our selections. After lunch it was on to Costco and Shoprite to get the final items we needed for the party Saturday.

Saturday was a busy busy day, more cleaning in the morning, a few more final errands and then the best part, a quick nap before the party prep commenced. It was finally party time! We actually ended up having at last count 27 people, I think a record since our weddings. As busy as I seem to be with all the guests arriving and the food needing tending, it took me a bit before I got my first drink. But man that first sip of wine really helped me to get into party mode and then they just kept coming. I believe we counted close to 9 bottles of wine were emptied, 2 were half empty and 3 bottles of champagne.

I had the best time, and was sad to see it all come to an end but man was I tired and ready for bed once 2am hit. We had 3 friends end up staying over but they pretty much left once we got coffee in them between 9 and 11am. New Years day we spent doing absolutely nothing. A little more clean up and some Ab Fab reruns on BBC America.

We were both pretty glad to have Monday off to recuperate as well so it was another day of nothing. We did manage to run out to the mall, christmas tree shops, and Lowes (3 times for the hubby) for some clothes, and a new bathroom faucet. Tuesday it was back to work, there wasn’t much in my inbox to sort through which was good, but it’s been a quiet week, which makes the short week seem so long.

This coming Sunday we start back up with our Bowling league so expect to see my bowling updates return on a weekly basis. I am super excited I love bowling, and I love the league, and I can’t wait to see the great friends we made there.