Twas the Night after Christmas

And all through the house, all the doggies are stirring, and I’m on the couch.

Another Christmas has come to an end. What a busy busy week we have had. I was off from work on Monday for an appointment, which made the rest of the work week drag on and on. Thankfully Thursday afternoon we got the email saying the office was closing at 2pm on Friday, which meant my mini vacation started that much earlier. I am off from work now until January 3rd, which also happens to be my 6yr Anniversary at work.

I came home Friday and had to get some of the Desserts for Christmas Eve at my uncles house baked. I made Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes and Maple Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream Frosting.




This was one of the best Christmas Eve’s in long time. The tradition is that we go to my Father’s families house, usually one of his brothers hosts the evening. It was this particular uncle’s first time hosting. Thankfully none of the cranky out of town brothers or sisters showed up.

Christmas morning the hubby and I got up to finish the prep of the food items we were bringing to my parents house for Christmas Dinner. We were in charge of the Bread, Sausage Dressing, Turkey for deep frying, and the 30 day dry aged Prime Rib. The other item I supply for Christmas dinner is the Centerpiece for the dining room table. I am always thoroughly happy with the flowers that get delivered, and I always order from


20111226-183447.jpgHere is the Prime Rib post cooking.

20111226-183453.jpgMy Drink of the day was French Martinis

20111226-183510.jpgThis was the funnest gift I got from the Hubby for Christmas.

Actually one of the best gifts the Hubby and I got was that the Foster Pup Nacho is going to his forever home on Tuesday. This also happens to coincide with a trip into NYC which is the Hubby’s present. I got us tickets to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway, so we are going to make a day of it with lunch the show and dinner, maybe even a drink or 2 with a friend if we can make our schedules work out.

So now I will enjoy my week off, our trip into NYC and our Annual New Year’s party. The next week will be just as busy as the days leading up to Christmas. Hope you all had a Joyous Christmas, and a Happy Boxing Day!


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