Do you hear what I hear?

It’s the tail end of another busy weekend here. Sitting on the couch thinking it’s way later than it actually is.

Friday was a crazy day it work. It seemed like everyone wanted everything and they wanted it NOW NOW NOW. I work in customer support, we sell data, not the kind of data you want. Well maybe you want some, no not you, you over there. We update our database every 2 weeks. Normally this isn’t a big deal. This weekend is one of those update weekends. This past week was also the week a few of the clients I support needed to have their data at the set quantity and price previously quoted before the update is to happen. So of all the day’s this week, on top of covering a coworker, Friday was the worst. Once I finally left the office at 6:45 I had had enough.

Dinner Friday was at a local Mexican restaurant that was new to us. It’s been there for a while and for the life of me I don’t know what took us so long to actually go there. I started with a nice big Sangria.


As I did the last time I started with 2 Fried Pork Tacos for an appetizer, the hubby had 2 tostadas for his. My main course was Rancheras – corn tortillas rolled and stuffed with Chicken, Beef, or Cheese (I had one of each as 3 came in in a order), simmered in red hot tomato sauce, topped with sliced onions and cheese. It was delicious and had just enough heat for me.

Saturday morning was the day we finally finished cleaning up the yard of leaves and stuff. It was relatively painless and thankfully mother nature cooperated and made it seasonably warm for the time we were out there. After that we headed out to our normal weekend errands. Some people may think us crazy but here is the places we went

    • Walmart
    • Lowes
    • Home Depot
    • Costco
    • Kohl’s
    • Stew Leonards
    • Home 1

Just another normal Saturday running errands. Saturday night we stayed in and the hubby made homemade pizza. It was delicious as always.

20111204-193819.jpgThis is Brisket and Carmelized Onion

20111204-193832.jpgThis is Pepperoni and Prosciutto

The other big thing of the weekend is the doggie sitting of my best friend’s Beagle-Boxer mix, Maggie. She is short and stout, think a baby Hippo with fur. The dynamic between her and our 2 is pretty good normally. But this time we have added in the mix the Foster Dog Nacho. Thankfully they got along well enough, 1 slight growl and teeth snare but nothing major.

This morning we enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and a bagel, then down into the basement to try and wrap up that project.  The final touch is finishing the painting/sealing of the floor, and painting the metal columns and the chimney with the $7 bottle of Oops paint we bought. Once the painting is done we can move all the stuff back into the basement. Still not finished but the end is near for this.

To wrap up the weekend we met some friends for drinks at a local pub. I wasn’t sure what the drink of choice would be today, the hubby and friends all drank beer since this place has quite a few on tap. When I sat down and saw the brunch menu was offering $2 Mimosas i was SOLD! 4 of them, some Short Rib Chili and a Ceaser Salad and it was time to call it a day. A quick trip to Kohl’s (this time to buy the stuff we looked at yesterday but didn’t have the coupon for) and then it was home to sit on the couch and relax. The best part, the doggie we were sitting for was picked up while we were out hehe.

And now another week is upon us and the holiday is inching closer and closer……

  1. Look at me getting all fancy with the unordered list. I learned some new HTML code at work. []

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