Recap here we go….

December 2nd already? Where the hell has the year gone?

So I know I am way behind, but let’s just jump right into it.

Thanksgiving! What a great day. The hubby and I spent the holiday as usual at my parents house. And as per the holiday tradition we Deep Fried the Turkey to perfection. This year my father also decided along with the 2 Baked Turkeys and the Fried one, we were going to have a deep fried duck. He really likes leftovers, though the only leftovers were from the baked birds as the deep fried carcass was practically picked clean. The hubby and I took that one one home and made soup.

My older brother had also requested some deep fried pickles this year. I had done them before, but this year they came out better. I chalk that up to the hubbies idea to bread them the day before and freeze them. The breading seemed to stick better to the pickles and they fried up perfectly.

There was no black Friday shopping for us. I left the house during the day long enough to meet the hubby for lunch, then didn’t leave again until we went to our favorite Asian place for dinner. It’s getting to be soup time and they make a delicious Udon Soup. Plus since they are a small business we feel good frequenting the place. They have gotten to know us, and some nights we don’t even have to actually order. Is that bad?

Saturday we did venture out for our weekly errands, had a nice NY Strip Steak for dinner, then went to see The Muppet Movie. I LOVED IT! I am a big fan of the Muppets and was excited when I saw they were coming out with a new movie. Now if only they can resurrect the Muppet Show! All of my favorite characters were in the movie and to avoid spoilers, there were quite a few human cameos that caught me by surprise.

Sunday we worked a bit more on the basement. Since the install of the new heating system, we have also painted the basement walls with a waterproofing sealer, and this week the hubby has been painting the floor with a sealer as well. We will have the fanciest unfinished basement when all is said and done.

It was rough coming back to work after the long 4 day weekend. It didn’t help that month end fell right in the middle of the week. With the year winding down here I am looking forward to my week off between Christmas and New Year’s.

Well that’s about all I can think of at the moment. Happy December everyone.



3 thoughts on “Recap here we go….

  1. 2 things:

    1. DEEP FRIED TURKEY!? How does it taste? Is it battered?!??? I’m totally curious about this.
    2. Someone mentioned deep fried pickles to me a few months ago and I’ve been searching for a place to serve them to me. It sounds delicious. Do you dip them in something?

    • No batter, you just dunk the turkey in the oil for 3 minutes a pound. It is DELICIOUS! So good in fact that it was the first of the 3 turkeys to become a bare carcass. Deep Fried Pickles are good if you like pickles. This year we dipped them in a Tastefully Simple (or Amway as we call it) Fiesta Party Dip. Ranch works just as well.

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