Isn’t it Lovely

Isn’t it wonderful. Well there is some wonderful stuff and some not so wonderful stuff been happening around here lately.

And here I thought the snowstorm and the Bucket falling from the ceiling at work was going to be the highlight of the week. I went back to the office Weds and found I had been evicted from Cube 803 and was now to reside in Cube 1007 until the landlord once and for all fixed the leak in the roof.

To say I am unhappy in my new seat (although it’s nearer to the window) is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy I sit next to, I just wish he was a little chattier. And by chattier I mean about things other than Sportsball. On the other side of my Cube wall is one of the team leaders, our Email product specialist. Actually on the other side of the wall sit the 3 Team Leaders. It’s not nice being so close to management when you tend to bitch about them out loud.

The best part of Wednesday was that the install of the new heating system began. It was nice to come home and find the Furnace sitting in it’s place in the basement and much of the ductwork attached to the basement ceiling. I have never been happier to see holes in the floor than I was that day.

The short weeks at work tend to be the longest, and this one was no exception. Thursday while on my way home from work the Hubby called to inform me that we lost power sometime during the day. With no heat and now no power we needed to find a place to stay for at least the night. So the phone calls started and my Mom said we could pack up the doggies and head over to her house. Since she lives local it made sense, so off we went, had some dinner there, and headed off to bed in her living room, the pups on the floor, me in the recliner and the hubby on the loveseat. With the power restoration timeframe unknown we needed to find a better option than mom’s living room. Besides with my Sister, Brother, and Sister in Law, and my parents dog it was just a wee bit crowded.

Our good friends, and guys who host the monthly game night we go to offered us their spare bedroom. We bid a fond farewell to Mom’s and the recliner, packed up the doggies, and headed over to their house for the weekend. It was nice to see them and to have a real bed to sleep in. The dogs actually settled in surprisingly well. Especially with another friends Schipperke staying with them. What a bundle of crazy energy this dog was. Saturday was a lazy day for us, late afternoon we headed over to visit with my other Brother and Sister In Law and our niece before my SIL had to go to work. The hubby, brother, niece, nephew, and I all headed out to Chili Night at one of the Fire Dept’s that the Drum Corps marches for.

Sunday we got up and found that the power had been restored! After a lovely pancake breakfast we packed all our shit up again and headed home. The hubby spent some time in the yard cleaning up some of the tree debris from the snowstorm, and I spent the time cleaning up the floors from all the dust and dirt of the heating system install. I then had the great pleasure of cleaning out the fridge and freezer from no power for 2 1/2 days. On the plus side they haven’t looked better!

A good night’s sleep in our own bed then it was off to work this morning. And now we catch up on our shows and enjoy the heat relaxing on the couch.


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