It was the best of times it was the worst of times, that is the question.

Wait I think I’m mixing up my metaphors. Or my similes, or my conjunction junctions or what have you.

This week was a whirlwind of something old, something new, red fish, blue fish, hop on pop.

The something Old was a visit by my Longest (I can’t say oldest since she is my age) friend. We met in Middle School all those years ago. She lived here in CT after college, got married, had a cute daughter, moved to Virginia, then just recently out to Colorado. I haven’t seen here in about 6 or so years I would say.

So she came back to visit her parents so naturally we had to get together, so we invited her and her daughter over for the evening. Dinner was Salad, Baked Chicken Breast, Mac and Cheese and vegetables. Then we had a nice chat, played some Apples to Apples and in A Pickle. Had a lovely chocolate cake for dessert then called it a night. We saw them again on Friday for dinner with her parents as they left Saturday to go back home.

The some New was on Wednesday the release of iOS5 for the iPhone. I have been so looking forward to this upgrade as it now allowed me to text (or iMessage as they call it) with others on iOS5 and not have it deducted from my text plan. I can hear you all groaning, what you don’t have unlimited texting. No I don’t in an effort to be a little thrifty, we opted for the lower cost text plan. Now that doesn’t matter as the people I will text the most with are iPhone users. And those I now want to text the most with I can.

Yesterday though was the most exciting day of the week. We bid a fond farewell to something old that we most certainly won’t miss.

Our house was built in 1927 and at the time I guess the homeowners thought this was the best way or option to heat the house. There were 6 of these lovely radiators that were removed, along with all of the piping in the basement that connected them to the boiler. This has been an ongoing project since the middle of September.

It all started with the hubby finding a leak in the oil tank in the basement. It has since cascaded into an entire overhaul of our heating system. What once was an Oil based Steam Radiator heating system with a boiler older than me, will become a state of the art (if we are going to do it, may as well do it right). system. It will be Gas based since we have that coming into the house already for the stove and dryer, forced hot air, and hell may as well add on the Central Air unit to make our lives even better. Humidity control will be added since it is the North and humidity can be a pain in the ass. All in all it will be a great move for us, plus removing the radiators opens up the floor plan just a little bit in the rooms we use the most.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the Electronic Thermostat, when in screensaver mode, doubles as a digital picture frame.

Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you…..


5 thoughts on “Alvedazane

  1. KathyBofSD says:

    Absolutely love the thermostat feature. It’s the same reason I want that Samsung Refrigerator (that looks funny spelled like that, where is spell check). I can Twitter on it and Facebook right there.

    Happy for you guys – I could not imagine not having central air –

    iPhones seem like I would need to hit the college up for another course – I am afraid to update my MacBook Pro – if my update flopped I have no idea what I would do – recycle the case for a bottle of soda? Yikes!!

    Perhaps you could bake some cupcakes when the mission is accomplished to celebrate? 😉

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