Weekend or week begin?

It’s easier to let the pictures speak for the weekend we had. Friday and Sunday were there, nothing really exciting, although I did get the lawn mowed, it needed it very badly.

Here is the fun and frivolity from Saturday.  It has been way too long since we got together with our friends Walt and Ken. We last did a lunch date in March and then we saw them for a short weekend visit in June. It was nice to see them and share some good times with them.

20111010-152925.jpgWalt and Ken

20111010-152939.jpgThe Cute waiters. Neither of which waited on us. We got the ditzy blond girl.

20111010-152909.jpgThe Fabulous Eveready Diner

20111010-152957.jpgDeath By Chocolate Cake

20111010-153005.jpgI loves me some Walt!

20111010-152949.jpgWhy yes I did have the Appetizer Sampler for Lunch!

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