Where does the time go….

Seems like the weekend was just beginning but it came and went and another is on the horizon.

The week nights are pretty quiet now that parade season has ended, but now our Weekly Rehearsals have started back up.

Last weekend was a pretty fabulous one, Friday night a good friend of ours came to stay for the weekend. So once he arrived the first thing we had to do was head out for some dinner.Here we are waiting for our meal

Saturday was a busy day all around, during the afternoon it was the final Parade of the season for the Drum Corps. Thankfully it wasn’t too far away, so the hubby, our friend and I piled into the car and headed on out. The weather was iffy but the rain stayed away. Although I would have preferred the rain to the Uphill/Downhill action the roads took.

After the parade we drove home, fixed up the veggie platter we were bringing, took a quick shower, then went over to our friends house for a end of summer party.

Sunday, although sad that our friend was leaving, was a good day because we finally hit the new Cheesecake Factory that opened in town about a month ago. Now this wasn’t our first time at that Rodeo, the closest one before this one opened was about 45 minutes away. The last few years it was the annual trek down there for the Hubbies bday. Actually this year we went to the one in Las Vegas for the hubbies birthday dinner.

Below are some pictures of lunch, the only one I didn’t get a picture of was our friend Matty’s Macaroni and Cheese Burger, It was TO DIE FOR!

Memphis Burger with Pulled Pork and Coleslaw

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

And so the new week began, Monday night was the Drum Corps annual Nomination of Officers for the coming year. And once again, I am running unopposed for the Drum Major position.

Wednesday the hubby and I took a much needed day off and headed on over to The Eastern States Exposition, or as it’s commonly known The Big E. Not very well known outside of  New England, The Big E is a roughly 2 week long Fair, or as I called it, the Deep Fried Agricultural As Seen on TV Fair. We got there about 11:45 or so and didn’t leave until we saw every last sight at around 6:30.

First order of the day was a Cucumber Mojito
Second order of the Day Fried Cheese Curds

Third order of the day Poutine (well faux poutine because they didn’t use real cheese curds)

The funniest thing I saw, chocolate for those Foot Fetishists.

The piece de resistance is always the Butter Sculpture

Anybody ready for a Lobster bake?

And that wraps it up. Friday is Month and Quarter End. It’s either going to be a crazy one or an uneventful one!


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