To the beat

Well now that I have a moment let’s see what I’ve been up to.

The hubby took a short (long weekend) trip down south to visit his family this past weekend. This was a good weekend for him to go  since I was busy with Drum Corps activities.

He left Thursday and came home Monday. I took Friday off so I could run some errands that I knew I wouldn’t get to over the weekend. I also was able to get my car washed, and to prepare the stuff for the dessert I was bringing to Game Night on Saturday. Then Friday night I had a nice dinner date with my Girlfriend/ALA.

Saturday was a long day, 5 hours round trip to the parade, march, and home. That was the bulk of my afternoon. The parade was about a mile and a quarter, we lucked out and were in the first division. After the parade I went home, napped, made the dessert then headed out to Game Night at our friends.

Sunday was going to be another busy day, the Drum Corps was asked to participate in our towns September 11th memorial ceremony. This was a relatively simple day, just 3 songs were needed during the middle of the ceremony. The Drum Corps did an outstanding job from my lens.

Now it’s Wednesday and we start back up with Rehearsal Season for Drum Corps and 2 final parades this week and next.

Not much else to report really….


One thought on “To the beat

  1. cb says:

    Damn, it’s always lucky to go first! Cuz you can breeze through that thing and don’t have to stop behind every kiwanis and shriner group… not to mention the horses!

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