Weekend Redux

So after that fabulous lunch you saw in the last post, after lunch we wandered over to the Disney Store, then on to Toy’s R Us for some shopping for the nephew as this was his Birthday gift.

The main attraction of the trip though was to see Harry Potter: The Exhibit.

Now I am not the biggest Harry potter fan but the exhibit was great. There were a ton of props and costumes from all of the movies as well as some back story to all of them. I wish pictures were permitted but alas the one above is the best I could do while waiting in line.

After HP we headed over to this interesting burger bar called The Counter. The fun thing about this place is that it’s a Make your own Burger bar. They hand you a print out and you pick and choose all of the options for your own burger.

I chose a beef burger on caibatta, with dill pickles, lettuce, coleslaw, and Taziki sauce.

This was my Absolutely Fabulous Margarita

Sunday was a lazy day at home, I really wish I had more to report than I do for sunday, but all we did was lay around and watch movies,

Monday (which was Labor Day) was another day of a lot of nothing. More movies with a dash of getting the lawn mowed since it had been weeks.

This coming weekend is a busy one for me, there is a huge convention parade on saturday with the drum corps, and a 9/11 tribute we are playing at on Sunday.

But for now I sit at work and look at the rain, the rain that has been falling for 2 days now.


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